Portuguese wedding part 3

20248346_875138202638008_1724057825709424866_o.jpgI have already posted 2 parts and here is the 3rd one.

This young man had a very important job at the wedding.

I noticed him when the groom arrived with his family.

He looked so grown up and yet so young. So sweet but also a tiny bit nervous.  I saw him talking to the grandfather and it looked like he was seeking some advise, which he got with a smile and a pat on the shoulder.

Grandfathers are like that. They cheer when its needed and they encourage when you have to depend on your independence.

The young man was not tall. He was not playing loudly with the other children while the brunch was served. There was just a grown up young boy who would one day be a handsome young man having the young women trying to look their best. What a grand future.

When the bride arrived it was obvious that his role was important.

Just before she came and we gathered at the house he was sitting there with his glasses on. A terrible sunshine could ruin everything so sunglasses, big ones, were a must. He sat there with a box.  I asked what was in the box? He looked at the groom, who stood next to us. Oh, I knew. The rings. They were the treasure the wonderful boy took such a good care of and did not let out of his sight. I asked if I could take a photo and that was ok. That moment he made my day.

When the bride had arrived and the priest finished talking and laughing he was asked to bring the box.

Where was he?

If you are a young boy with a heavy task ahead you sometimes loose the concentration. That’s normal isn’t it?

Someone found him and he walked with dignity towards the altar. Some people tried to guide him but that was not necessary, now he knew what to do.

The box was opened and the rings were there. Everything was ok and he could go back. Looked like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders and he could breathe normally.

Moments like this are precious for us who live them but they are like diamonds in the memory bank for a young handsome Portuguese boy.

He was my hero and I will never forget him.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Portuguese wedding part 2

20247877_875023489316146_8030282551653147379_o21. July 2017

Yesterday I told you a bit about my wonderful experience when attending my friends wedding here in Portugal.

I want to share some more with you.

The weeding was outside as I told you yesterday. Because my friend and her fiancée are both working in the music world there was bound to be a lot of music. This was going to be the concert of  the year. The sister of the bride plays the harp and some friends are singing and playing different instruments.  Here they are preparing. The ceremony has not begun.

This was a hot day so everyone sitting needed a fan and there they were waiting on the white seats. These seats are for the closest family and would soon be occupied by them.

The beautiful fountain, that is in fact a wall, was making those peaceful sounds, soothing and singing with a soft voice that  only water can.

When I came first to Quinta das Janelas I wondered why these naked trees were there. Another one is closer to the entrance to the banquet hall. There is a reason for everything here in my wonderful country and these trees are important.

On the tree closer to the banquet hall  were red cards with something written  on them but I did not look and figure out what it was. There was so much to see. So, what was written on them? Names of famous composers.  Something else and I thought maybe it would be some of the arias and songs they made. Little did I know. I did not  want be in the way and decided to figure it out later.

The preparation went on and soon everything was ready for the brunch.

The sun was shining.  Beautiful ladies in amazing dresses. The groom was there and the harp sounded like a hymn in the sunshine. Hugs and kisses and firm handshakes. This was a day to remember and lot more to tell.

Hulda Björnsdóttir




A Portuguese wedding

20. July 2017

Few days ago my friend got married.

This was the first wedding I attended in Portugal and I looked forward to it. What a day! The sun was shining and the weather as good as anyone could wish for.

Here in my country there is a custom not to start anything on time. A relaxed atmosphere it is.  I have a habit to be early and as you can imagine I came 20 minutes early. There was no one at the place, not yet.  Soon the people who were preparing everything began to arrive. The musicians, the decorators and so on.

Eventually of course the guests arrived one by one or rather family by family. Young and old together. Everyone in their best dresses. People stood in small groups talking and enjoying the wonderful day.

The groom came in a shiny black car, decorated with red roses and with him his family.

The tradition here is that we kiss when we meet. The men shake hands but the women get kisses. I found this rather strange at the beginning but now after 6 years I am used to the culture and accept it.  Although I have to admit that when a man shakes my hand I feel like being accepted into the community.

Because the weather was wonderful the brunch was served outside in the beautiful garden of Quinta das Janelas in Coimbra. Everyone was hungry, or so I imagine. The Portuguese eat a lot and enjoy their food. Even I, who usually don’t like the food enjoyed it.

When we had eaten the group began to move towards the house. Now we waited for the bride and her family. The talk was like whispering, not loud, just anticipation in the air.

The car arrived and my beautiful friend and her family came out. The bridesmaids and the flower girls were ready. The priest had arrived some time ago and the groom was waiting at the altar. The altar was a table and behind it a beautiful wall with  running water.

The brides parents escorted her and I cried. This was a moment I would never forget and it moved me deeply. I was not the only one who shed a tear when they walked after the red carpet and into the new future.

What a day.  This is just part one of the story. There is more to tell and I will soon.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Bara til þess að láta íslenska vini vita

20. júlí 2017

Nú er ljótt í efni.

Konan farin að blogga á ensku og þarf að læra upp á nýtt.

Ég fullyrði að moggablogg er einfalt eða mig minnir það. Man ekki betur en ég hafi bara skráð mig inn og byrjað. Kannski hef ég þurft að gera eitthvað meira en það gleymt.

Fyrir ykkur sem ekki lesið ensku þá er þetta svona.

Ég hef undanfarið, og ætla að halda því áfram, bloggað á íslensku en þar sem ég á fullt af vinum sem eru ekki íslenskir og þeir hafa verið að kvarta þá verður þetta blog fyrir þá.

Hér verður ekkert um íslensk vandræði eða þannig. Hér ætla ég að skrifa það sem kemur upp í hugann hverju sinni og stundum einhverjar sögur sem skjóta upp kollinum.

Vinur minn í útlöndum sem hefur hjálpað mér og hvatt mig sagði mér að ég gæti bloggað á ensku á mogganum en ég vil það ekki.

Ég vil halda þessum tveimur aðskildum.

Semsagt, ekkert breyst hjá íslenska blogginu. Bara bætt við einu á ensku um allt annað.

Ég þarf að halda íslensku kunnáttunni minni við og það geri ég með því að blogga á málinu.

Kannski kemur svo enn eitt á Portúgölsku í framtíðinni. Hver veit.

Bestu kveðjur og knús til allra.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


My first blog in English

20. July 2017

Good morning.

Finally I got my blog up, the one in English.

This one is for all my foreign friends and I have been postponing it but now its here.

I am going to write stories here, everything that comes to my mind. I will also share this blog on my Facebook page and those who are my friends there will see my thoughts.

Today I have been contemplating about the wonders of live and how great it is just to breath. There are all kinds of quick solutions but nothing is like just enjoying the beauty of everyday.

I don´t take my days for granted. I am grateful each and everyone. Well, here I am again about gratitude !

In my little village, here in Portugal, the weather is fine, not too hot but the sun is shining. I have seen in the news how a terrible rain has been hammering on my dear Chinese friends. When I see this my heart jumps. What about my students? Are they ok? What about my friends, are they well, and their families?

Then I saw the other day that in India it is also raining a lot. Are my friends there safe?

My friends in America, are they ok? So many questions when I see the weather news.

So, today you will just enjoy seeing me here and reading my first blog in English. I hope you are all well and look forward to share with you my endless adventures.

Hulda Björnsdóttir