My dear friend would have been 102 today

11 th of July 2020
Good morning
Góðan daginn

It is night here in Penela but a beautiful and fresh one
I woke up at 5 o’clock and looked out
Sometimes I watch the sky from my balcony and dream big
I dream about flying around the world and the clouds are my plains
Now it’s dark but the moon is big and I go to a special place which I love dearly. I travel there often.
Today is a special day. My dear friend who passed away decades ago would have been celebrating his day today.
This friend shaped in many ways my life. I was a teenager and he listened to me and showed me respect and fatherly love. I remember the last time we spoke like it was yesterday. It was decades ago but nothing had changed. The love and support and appreciation was like when I was a teen girl and sat in front of him and told my stories.
I think about him every day. I talk to him and he gives me advice and support. If feeling low I dream about him supporting me and telling me to get through and be strong.
I miss him and I look forward to see him one day in the future when I walk into the wonderland where he is now.
My dearest friend. Happy birthday to you and receive my love with hugs and kisses on this wonderful birthday of yours. Thank you for your love. Thank you for shaping my life. Thank you for never forgetting me and thank you for just being a wonderful part of my life.
My friends who read this morning greeting!
Today is a day I will celebrate my friends birthday.
I hope you all have a special friend which you remember every day.
With love and light I bid you good morning.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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