Something died inside me !

13th of July 2020

Being a victim of sexual abuse changes the world. It makes you vulnerable and fragile, or it makes you extra strong and a fighter.

If you are by nature an over sensitive individual you find a way to survive in the cruel world and you shield you with emotional armour.

It might be difficult for your fellow human beings to realise who and how you are. Even those closest to you might wonder.

I was rejected by my abuser, or that was my feeling as a child. The rejection followed into adulthood and I found a way. I made sure to reject you before you rejected me and then you would not be able to hurt me, at least not as much.

The abuse also took away from me the ability to trust and most of all the ability to trust love.

Love was something ugly and mean, love was mean and it hurt, love was not for everyone and love was never going to happen to me or so I assumed.

I was 17 and longing for someone to care for me, someone to make me happy and someone to hold me close and never let go. I did find someone to hold on to. I fell madly in love and we were madly in love with each other. What more could there be? I was happy and thought the world was waiting for me and would embrace me.

I loved my school and I loved learning, but I also loved my lover. We got engaged on a rainy day and I came home to my mother and asked if she would not wish me well. She told me NO.

Everyone that wanted the best for me told me not to continue the relationship. The more they urged me to think the more I loved the one and only. I was not going to listen to people who did not know how much he did love me and how happy he made me. I was not going to listen to the people who told me he was not a very good man. I knew him differently and he was nice to me.

There were signs, I did not notice them or I did not want to notice them. In my heart I knew I was not being treated with dignity. I did not want to see that in many ways I was put number 2 and he was number one. We were not equal and I did not want to see it. I had after all in my mind found the love of my life, I thought he loved me and I loved him with all my heart and soul.

I got pregnant.

We got married.

My mother made my wedding dress and she refused to attend the wedding. She hated the man.

The sun shone and we got married in a church. I did not want to have a party, my mother would not be there and I did not want everyone to know that she did not like my husband. There was a dinner, the grooms parents, the priest and one friend of his family were the guests. That was the wedding day but some gifts arrived and the mother in love decided to have a party, a wedding party, for those who had sent gifts. Some days later the party went on and still not my mother and in fact not a single person from my family or friends.

Even though obvious I did not understand how strange this was, my friends did not accept my choice, my mother did not accept my choice and once again I was alone among several people, rejected by those I wanted by my side.

There had been high hopes for me and my education; I was the one in my mother’s family that people thought would be a scholar. The intelligent girl, that was me and I wasted it all on an illusion.

When I was in labour something happened between my mother and my husband. I never knew what but after that day they hated each other dearly.

I went to the hospital and gave birth to my baby.

My mother never came for a visit at the hospital. She came to my home when I got home from the hospital and she wanted to see her grandchild.

I opened the door; my husband told me that if she came inside he would leave and never come back. My mother looked at me and asked if I was really not going to show her the child.

There I stood, 18 years old, having to choose between my mother and my husband and child.

I chose my husband and told my mother she had to leave. She was angry. I was afraid and broken.

At that moment something broke permanently inside me, not far from similar to when the young man went on top of me, the eight years old child, and it hurt so much but I had to allow it because of love!

Many years later in my life, a dear friend and psychologist, told me that this moment at the front door to my apartment having to choose between my mother and husband had damaged me for good.

After some time and another child I got a divorce from an abusive husband.

When I look back I understand that I never forgave him for letting me make the choice. I never asked what happened between him and my mother when I was taken to the hospital to give birth. I did not dare to ask.

When I look back I understand that my friends and family saw what I did not see, that the love I thought was there for me, was not.

I was damaged goods. I know that now. The sexual abuse during childhood had damaged my soul. I did not remember the summer and there was no way I could get help. I just knew something was strange inside me.

Why did I sometimes feel this terrible anger and hurt suddenly out of the blue, a bleeding hurt which I could not explain.

Why did I sometimes feel like I was crying with so much pain that I would not be able to breathe, even though I was not crying?

The consequences were there, I just did not understand because my soul knew that it would be too much to remember and it would destroy me if I did.

My soul protected me. My strength grew, my life continued and my lessons I learned. I hid my pain, I never spoke about how I felt, my children did not know, they just knew that I was not a good mother!

Now I have got a teacher, a teacher that has showed me how worthy I am of me, a teacher I can trust for me and my feelings and a teacher that taught me the hard way that it is ok to feel and be vulnerable.

A teacher that also taught me that being rejected is ok. Rejection has nothing to do with my self-worth. I can love myself with all my heart, no matter what others think. I know me, I know how strong I am and I know where my strength comes from.

I don´t have to be the one to reject so I won’t be hurt. I can have my heart broken for a while but I rise up and mend my heart and become whole again. It is my birth right.

Piece by piece I mend my soul. Piece by piece I share my life with you my reader. Piece by piece I walk one step ahead every day and love my life more by every step taken.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have a task to mend my soul and it will take time. I have got time and I am using it well. I am getting to know my little child and my grown woman again and I am embracing them both with love and keeping them close to my heart. I can share my experience with you and it might help you or someone you love. Take what you think is useful and leave the rest.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Dreams make you whole and confident !

13th of July 2020

Just a thought this morning.

I am a Gemini a typical one with all the complications and problems, i.e. problems for other people, not for me, no way!

I jump from one subject to the next one without noticing and people I am talking to just shake their head and are totally lost.

Luckily I do have friends who understand this problem and just pause and ask me to tell them what I am talking about NOW !

I have been like this always I think. Another problem I have is planing and thinking and then suddenly jumping the idea in front of someone, the boss or my friend.

The idea is fully processed in my mind, I have been thinking about the pros and cons for sometimes a long time and then I expect my boss to understand !

I was lucky. Many years ago when working for a company the boss told me: You can not jump your ideas on my, the ones you have been moulding for weeks, and expect me to say fine, just like that. I understood and I waited until he came and told me we could go ahead and the idea was perfect! Lucky me, don´t you think?

I have been realising slowly but persistently that my confidence is growing every day. I am who I am and I am proud of it.

What a relieve.

I don´t have to get permission to be the strange or different me!

I can just be.

Nothing to that you might say.

But for me it is a lot. I have allowed other people to define my, I have allowed other people to belittle me simply because I don´t fit into their frame. Can you believe it?

Freedom, my freedom is finally here. I am different, just like you are different. We are all unique. There is no one quite the same. Have you thought about this and looked at your life and your believes? Are they yours or are they to please someone else. It is interesting to look and you might find something you never expected. You might find your new self, the one that you love and want to nourish and pamper.

This was just a thought for today and tomorrow is another day and my thoughts will change and grow and my confidence will surprise both me and you.

Enjoy life and love intensively. Love is the glue that keeps us together and self love is the best one. There is nothing selfish about loving yourself. It is how it should be.

Listening to Demis Roussos makes me always feel good and the last one I listened to was “My broken souvenirs”.

Crying over lost memories is not me.

Crying over a lost friend is me.

Memories are made now – is me

Dreams make memories beautiful and whole

If you don´t dream you die.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



We have to keep the hope alive, we must not despair ! NORMAL will be back !

12th of July 2020

Today is summer in my little land.

The summer is usually hot and dry and this one is no exception.

In my little land we have forests everywhere, beautiful ones and they protect us during the summer from the heat and during the winter from the roaring cold wind.

Although there is other side of the coin which we don´t talk too much about.

Every summer, for the last nine and a half year I have been experiencing the horror of the fires in our beautiful woods during the hottest summer months.

Every summer the firefighters, our heroes fight and try to keep us safe. Sometimes they are lucky and the fire is out but sadly and too often they loose and the monster spreads and sometimes we lose one of our heroes and others get injuries. The conditions in my little land are in many places difficult, mainly where the hills are steep and the trees far away down at the bottom.

Yesterday there was a fire in Serra da Lousã. In the afternoon the thunderstorms roared, during the night they continued and the lightning followed.

Yes, it reminded me of China and the situation there during the hottest time but the difference in my little land compared to my beloved China is the woods. In my little land we have woods everywhere, in China we don´t.

The news this morning broke my heart. One of our heroes lost his life yesterday and 3 others are injured, or perhaps more.

Just few days ago we lost a police man.

Today it looks like this according to the authorities:

13 districts in mainland Portugal and the island of Madeira are under yellow warning.

The districts of Braga, Vila Real, Bragança, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Leiria, Santarém, Portalegre, Lisbon, Setúbal, Évora and Beja will be under yellow warning until 17:00 on Monday due to the persistence of high values maximum temperature.

Here in my little village we are expecting very high temperature during the next 7 days. When it is hot it’s extremely hot in Penela and when it’s cold it is really cold.

I do complain about the cold during the winter but what I would give for some of it now is worth million words.

Yesterday the clouds were amazing; they usually are during the evening. We have to remember the beauty. We can not give in to despair.

We have to remind us that there is another day ahead and we need to survive. I must pray for the firefighters and everyone in the health care. They are not just fighting fires, they are fighting Covid and we, the public must act responsibly even though we would like to go to the beach and we would like to hug each other and do what we are used to at normal time.

We are not living normal times, we are in an extreme situation and we do have problems in our capital in my little land. People are partying, the tourists are arriving and somehow we seem to be going downhill.

We have sacrificed so much since March. It cannot be in wain. Normal times are around the corner, although the corner is huge and it takes a long time to walk to the other side.

I am optimistic and I believe that normal will be again. I am keeping that dream alive every minute of the day.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

We lost a hero yesterday, today we mourn in my little land !

12th of July 2020

Good morning
Góðan daginn

Today is a sad day in my little land. We lost one of our great heroes while he among others was fighting the fires in our little land.

The heavens are crying with us this morning.

Yesterday day night the thunderstorms and lightnings roared.

Rest in peace great hero.

My deepest condolences to the firefighters in Miranda do Corvo and to the family.

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the work of the firefighters in my little land.

I hope you stay safe and I send hugs with love and light

Beijinhos e abraços grandes todos

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Memories from China

Today it is terrible hot here in Portugal and the memories from China pop up.

These days are nothing compared to how it was in Fuzhou during the summer and I am going to put some pictures that tell the story.

The pictures above are of my wonderful gardeners, or 2 of them. Then there is the one with me and the men making the road usable! I got permission to try and that was fun. This was during a rainy season and the work that should have been finished after few days took weeks. After all time in China is different from the Western world! Tomorrow might be next month, you never know and that I experienced often.

Luckily we did not have to walk between the office and the houses. We had of course a private driver and he took me where I needed. The other photo is of the security guards.

During the summer we had some university students working as security guards and they were fun. How we could laugh and enjoy ourselves was perfect. One of the students was also my teacher. He taught me Chinese and that was also interesting and fun sometimes but most of the time hard work but he did not give up on me and eventually we managed to get the words out of my mouth not sounding like a horror movie.

Sometimes we had thunderstorms, terrible wind and bad weather, even during the summer. There were floods and the workers had to protect the houses where the water had found a way inside. It was hot and it was wet. They are wearing the yellow things but took them off and sometimes they wore just their boxers. Terrible hot and hard work demands extreme solutions. Sandbags did come handy.

The public transport was different, we had motorbikes just as everywhere in China, we had the green thing which I have no idea how to name and then we went by foot.

Hats we did not use a lot but sun umbrellas are everywhere and wonderful. I still use them here in Portugal and people look at me like a thing from Marc or somewhere around the universe!


Working in the garden was of course part of my life when not teaching or writing or doing whatever I did. My car was in the garage during the hottest time and during the winter when my house was freezing I sometimes just got into the car to have some heat in my body. The winters in Fuzhou are cold, I can tell you that. The summers are very hot and the air condition working 24 hours. I hate the sound of the air condition but during the night it was impossible to sleep without it.

Anyway, this was just a memory trip to my beloved China and remembering the good times there.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

My dear friend would have been 102 today

11 th of July 2020
Good morning
Góðan daginn

It is night here in Penela but a beautiful and fresh one
I woke up at 5 o’clock and looked out
Sometimes I watch the sky from my balcony and dream big
I dream about flying around the world and the clouds are my plains
Now it’s dark but the moon is big and I go to a special place which I love dearly. I travel there often.
Today is a special day. My dear friend who passed away decades ago would have been celebrating his day today.
This friend shaped in many ways my life. I was a teenager and he listened to me and showed me respect and fatherly love. I remember the last time we spoke like it was yesterday. It was decades ago but nothing had changed. The love and support and appreciation was like when I was a teen girl and sat in front of him and told my stories.
I think about him every day. I talk to him and he gives me advice and support. If feeling low I dream about him supporting me and telling me to get through and be strong.
I miss him and I look forward to see him one day in the future when I walk into the wonderland where he is now.
My dearest friend. Happy birthday to you and receive my love with hugs and kisses on this wonderful birthday of yours. Thank you for your love. Thank you for shaping my life. Thank you for never forgetting me and thank you for just being a wonderful part of my life.
My friends who read this morning greeting!
Today is a day I will celebrate my friends birthday.
I hope you all have a special friend which you remember every day.
With love and light I bid you good morning.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Why I got so angry !

11. July 2020

Suddenly I became terrible angry, out of the blue.


I have no idea; I am just furious and pissed off. Maybe it’s me looking at me and wondering why I don’t respect me more.

Sometimes I allow people to use me and behave like I am there always when they find the urge to contact me.

I have been like this for a long time, this is nothing new and I have to rise up again. It´s like I go blindfolded and suddenly I come to a hurdle and realise what I am doing.

There is no need for me to be angry with myself even though I fall into the same pit again and again. This is the road to recovery and the road is full of hurdles, some are big and some are smaller, but they are there and when I see them I have to choices. I can walk around them or I can walk straight into them.

Which one is better depends on how strong I am in that precise moment.

The teacher is there. The lesson is there. I am there so all is set perfectly.

Should I or shouldn’t I? That is the big question.

I think I should.

I think I am strong enough to survive.

I am willing to take the chance and loose.

What is for sure, I cannot go on like I am doing now. I have to reset myself; I have reset my dreams a bit and mould them.

I have a dear friend and I know what he would say. He would say, I believe in you, you live your life alive and you can do this!

I don´t even have to hear him say these words, I know him and he knows me and I should trust his wisdom.

Today has been an emotional day for me and perhaps that’s why I got so pissed off suddenly. I did not get the support I should have had and expected. Life is not always like black and white, sometimes there are rainbows with the entire colour spectrum.

Today has been a rainbow day in my life.

Today has been very hot here in Penela, with thunderstorms and heavy rain for a moment. The rain became hail and danced about the terrible dry grass.

The trees drank and now they look happier than ever.

The angels decided it was time for spring cleaning and we got all the water.

Wonderful and the beauty is back. Tomorrow and next 7 days it’s going to be hot here in my little land. It is after all summer time and the heat follows.

Drinking a lot of water and taking care not to go out during the high ultraviolet danger is what can be done.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will be happy and content again.

Tonight I go to bed and dream about fresh start and new adventures.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Will I ever be whole?

10. July 2020

Is it possible that sexual abuse in childhood can affect the person the whole life?

Is it really like a part of you is killed if you are abused as a child?

We don´t often talk about sexual abuse, and it does not make any difference if it happened when you were a child or when you grew up.

How does it affect a woman, when she is an adult if she has been sexually abused as a child? Is her attitude to sex when she is an adult different from those who have not been abused?

There are books about this and some are quite good. One I came across many years ago was “IS THERE NOWHERE TO CRY”

It was a wonderful book that described the feelings and the struggles and the loss of memory. The loss of memory was a way some of the victims do use simply to survive in the cruel world they remember.

The mind is clever; it shows you what you need to see when you are ready and not a minute earlier. When you are ready the memory pops up and you can work through the horror or you can decide to leave it and bury again until later.

When I looked back at my childhood everything was black before 12 years old. It was simply like I did not exist before that. No memories, nothing neither bad nor good. I often asked why and the therapists told me, When you are ready you will see.

Decades went by, nothing changed, I had no early childhood memories and I hated Christmas. Why did I hate Christmas I have not figured out yet but for sure one day I will understand. Something must have gone terribly wrong in my head during Christmas when I was little.

I have many memories of difficult Christmases after I left home and during my life, but I remember those. I remember when we were so poor and had no idea how to put food on the table. I remember my first Christmas away from home, the first one with my husband and his family. One day I might write about my adult holidays but not in this blog.

I sometimes think that victims of sexual abuse are feeling worthless. They are many of them always trying to please the man in their adult lives and truthfully they don´t know how to accept the love they are being offered.

The victims might feel that to be loved they have to be the pleaser and they become quite good at it. In this blog I am talking about women but as we know men are sometimes the victims.

One day about more than 20 years ago I woke up during night at 3 o’clock and I remembered the summer when I was 8 years old and my childhood was grasped away and I became the pleaser. He was 17 years old and worked at the farm my mother was a housekeeper. He was nice to me. I was lonely, He made a hut for us and there we pretended to be a family. I made mud cakes for him and we had afternoon coffee when he came home from the field.

After the coffee he told me to lay down and caressed me and told me he loved me. No one had loved me before and I was happy and felt secure. One day he was on top of me and went all the way, it hurt and I was afraid but he told me this was how couples like us did and I needed to relax.

This went on during the summer and I never told my mother or anyone. He told me if I said anything I would be punished.

In August he left the farm and I was alone again. I was free from the abuse but I felt abandoned once again.

Many years, many decades later my mother asked me what had happened!

She knew something was going on but could not for some reason do anything about it.

I lied to her and said nothing had happened. She would not have been able to bear it if she knew the truth and I did not want her to go to the grave with this on her conscience.

I am not angry or bear any grudge against my mother for not being able to protect the child. She did what she could, as well as she could and she had my young brother to take care of and she needed to try to have food on our table. That was just her life.

When my memory woke me up and told me that I could work through the horror I did.

I got all the help available and there was a lot of help. I worked through the feelings, through the rejection and much more but the scars are still there. I wonder if I will ever be whole, completely whole, and I wonder if I will ever be able to allow a man to love me like I am and enjoy his love to the fullest and trust him not to leave me.

During the Covid time and the isolation I have been working through my feelings intensively and have accomplished a lot. I know and feel that dreams are good, they are the first step to a bright future. My thoughts make my life. If and when I am thinking positive thoughts I am happy.

If I am worried and pessimistic my life becomes hell.

It is all in our mind, said a wonderful friend to me many years ago. She was one of the diamonds that have passed my way during a colourful life. She was blunt and honest and made me change the thoughts. She was the one that taught me about dreams and how wonderful and nourishing they can be. She is one of my very good friends, and there are many of them and more appear slowly even now.

This has been a blunt blog, a blog about something we don´t talk about often, difficult feelings and how to change them into something precious and good.

The abuse was neither precious nor good but it made me what I am today and it helped me to understand life a bit more.

In my meditation my mentor tells me, You are the only one like you, there is no one and never has been and never will be anyone just like you. I like that. I am happy to be me. I wake up almost every morning happy and looking forward to the day. Every day has a new adventure and something different and exciting happens.

The road to recovery is sometimes steep but mine has been perfect for me. I have got the teachers when I needed them and they have helped me to heal and they have nourished my soul, every day, every moment and will forever.

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling and I have a lot of her. She is my best friend and we walk hand in hand every day. Sometimes I don´t quite understand what to be grateful for when something new happens but my friend the gratitude arrives and shows me the road.

I have big dreams for my future. I nourish them and make them brighter and more alive one day at a time. Dreaming is a must.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

The love of her life is arriving!

9th of July 2020

She is waiting for her love.

She has been waiting for months.

He is there or is he?

She has been waiting anxiously.

Will he make it or wont he?

The plain has landed.

The people are arriving.

But no sign of the one she is waiting for.


What has happened?

Everyone seems to have arrived and no more passengers.

She looks around, disappointed and sad.

Were the expectations too high?

Will she not be able to hold him and kiss him?

Maybe it was all in vain.

Suddenly there is a voice in the speaker.

“Mum, don´t worry, I’m at the airport and will be with you in a minute”

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Breytingar á lögum almannatrygginga um hálfan ellilífeyri. Taka gildi 1.september 2020

9. júlí 2020

Þá er kominn síðasti dagur þessa áfanga, þar sem ég ætlaði að skrifa um kerfi almannatrygginga á Íslandi og setja inn einhverjar upplýsingar til hægðarauka fyrir þá sem eru að velta eftirlauna tímabili fyrir sér.

Það er eiginlega við hæfi að ljúka þessari lotu á nýjum lögum um hálfan lífeyrir frá TR.

Þessi lög taka gildi í september svo ekki er hægt að setja inn í reiknivél TR útreikninga sem byggja á nýju löguunum, ekki í bili.

Það sem vekur einkum athygli mína í þessum nýju lögum að til þess að geta tekið hálfan lífeyri þarf viðkomandi enn að vera á vinnumarkaði en þarf þó ekki að vera í fullu starfi, hálft starf nægir.

Lífeyrissjóður viðkomandi þarf einnig að hafa samþykkt að heimilt sé að taka hálfan lífeyrir.

Þá er það frítekjumarkið: Ég viðurkenni fúslega að ég þaf að hugsa þetta mjög vandlega til þess að skilja hvað er verið að tala um, eða réttara sagt hver meiningin er!

Eftirfarandi spurningar vakna vegna lagagreinarinnar hér á eftir:

     b.      Á eftir 1. mgr. kemur ný málsgrein, svohljóðandi:
                  Hálfur ellilífeyrir skal vera 1.540.734 kr. á ári. Fjárhæð hálfs lífeyris skal lækka um 45% af tekjum lífeyrisþegans, sbr. 16. gr., uns lífeyririnn fellur niður. Lífeyrisþegi skal hafa 3.900.000 kr. almennt frítekjumark við útreikning hálfs ellilífeyris

Hálfur ellilífeyrir 1.540.734 kr. á ári


Hálfur lífeyrir á mánuði er því 128.394

Ef tekinn er hálfur lifeyrir má hafa 3.900.000 á ári skerðingafrítt en eftir það tekur hnífurinn við og sker 45% af tekjum, þ.e. líklega atvinnutekjum plús tekjum frá lífeyrissjóði.

Þetta þýðir sýnist mér að viðkomandi megi hafa 325.000 í tekjur á mánuði áður en farið er að skera niður hálfa lífeyrinn frá TR.

Þá kemur stóra spurningin sem er þessi:

Eru margar konur með 325 þúsund krónur á mánuði í laun samanlagt fyrir hálft starf plús réttindi úr lífeyrissjóði?

Eru margir láglauna karlar með 325 þúsund krónur á mánuði í laun fyrir hálft starf plús réttindi úr lífeyrissjóði?

Hvaða stéttir eru með þessi laun sem lögin miða við?

Hvers vegna var lögunum breytt svona?

Hver eru rökin?

Ég veit ekkert um þetta mál annað en útkomuna. Voru allir flokkar sammála um að gera þetta svona, að setja enn eitt bútasaumstykkið á Lög um Almannatryggingar?

Auðvitað gæti ég flett upp atkvæðagreiðslu á vef Alþingis en ég nenni því bara ekki.

Hvenær ætli lögin verði endurskoðuð í heild og skoðaður endapunktur breytinga en ekki bara fögru orðin sem geðjast einhverjum?

Pétursnefndin starfaði í 10 ár og þegar þau komu með góðar tillögur til bóta fyrir þá sem verið var að fjalla um sló ráðuneytið á puttana og sagði KEMUR EKKI TIL MÁLA.

Endurskoðun þessa óskapnaðar er endalaus og bútasaumurinn verður ljótari með hverjum nýjum bút.

Það er svo einkennilegt hvernig alltaf er rokið til án þess að skoða ENDANLEGA niðurstöðu

Ég ætla að láta þetta gott heita í bili og sjá til hvað mér dettur í hug á morgun en í lok færslunnar hér eru breytingarnar í heild sem taka gildi í september um hálfan lífeyrir frá TR.

Það er meira en líklegt að eitthvað af pælingum mínum séu ekki réttar og þá verður einhver sem leiðréttir mig, en þegar ég skoða málið hér í morgunsárið þá skil ég óskiljanleg lög eins og ég lýsi.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Fyrir breytingu voru skilyrðin svona:

Af vef TR

“Breytingar hafa verið gerðar á hálfum ellilífeyri sem taka gildi 1. september 2020, sjá nánar hér. Fram að því gilda neðangreind skilyrði:

  • Vera 65 ára eða eldri
  • Að allir skyldubundnir lífeyrissjóðir, innlendir og erlendir, sem viðkomandi á rétt í hafa samþykkt töku á hálfum lífeyri
  • Að samanlögð réttindi frá öllum lífeyrissjóðum og TR séu að lágmarki jöfn fullum ellilífeyrir hjá TR
  • Að greiðslur frá lífeyrissjóðum og TR hefjist samtímis

Ef valið er að taka hálfan ellilífeyri frá TR við 65 ára aldur lækkar sá helmingur varanlega. Hægt er að fresta töku þess helmings sem eftir er gegn varanlegri hækkun greiðslna. Einnig er hægt að sækja um fullan ellilífeyri við 67 ára aldur.

Nyju lögin

um breytingu á lögum um almannatryggingar, nr. 100/2007 (hálfur lífeyrir).


1. gr.

    Eftirfarandi breytingar verða á 17. gr. laganna:
     a.      Í stað tilvísunarinnar „2. mgr.“ í 1. málsl. 2. mgr. kemur: 3. mgr.
     b.      Í stað tilvísunarinnar „3. mgr.“ í 3. mgr. kemur: 4. mgr.
     c.      Við 3. mgr. bætist nýr málsliður, svohljóðandi: Heimild þessi er bundin því skilyrði að samþykkt hafi verið umsókn um greiðslu lífeyris samkvæmt áunnum réttindum hjá öllum skyldubundnum atvinnutengdum lífeyrissjóðum.
     d.      Við 4. mgr. bætast tveir nýir málsliðir, svohljóðandi: Skilyrði um samþykki viðkomandi sjóða á þó einungis við um þá lífeyrissjóði sem heimila greiðslu lífeyris að hluta. Heimild þessi er enn fremur bundin því skilyrði að umsækjandi sé enn á vinnumarkaði en þó ekki í meira en hálfu starfi.
     e.      5. mgr. fellur brott.
     f.      Í stað tilvísunarinnar „1.–5. mgr.“ í 6. mgr. kemur: 1.–4. mgr.

2. gr.

    Eftirfarandi breytingar verða á 23. gr. laganna:
     a.      1. mgr. orðast svo:
                  Fullur ellilífeyrir skal vera 3.081.468 kr. á ári. Ellilífeyri skal lækka um 45% af tekjum lífeyrisþegans, sbr. 16. gr., uns lífeyririnn fellur niður. Ellilífeyrisþegi skal hafa 300.000 kr. almennt frítekjumark við útreikning ellilífeyris. Þá skal ellilífeyrisþegi hafa 1.200.000 kr. sérstakt frítekjumark vegna atvinnutekna.
     b.      Á eftir 1. mgr. kemur ný málsgrein, svohljóðandi:
                  Hálfur ellilífeyrir skal vera 1.540.734 kr. á ári. Fjárhæð hálfs lífeyris skal lækka um 45% af tekjum lífeyrisþegans, sbr. 16. gr., uns lífeyririnn fellur niður. Lífeyrisþegi skal hafa 3.900.000 kr. almennt frítekjumark við útreikning hálfs ellilífeyris.
     c.      Í stað tilvísunarinnar „3. mgr.“ í 4. mgr. kemur: 4. mgr.
     d.      Í stað tilvísunarinnar „2. mgr.“ í 4. mgr. kemur: 3. mgr.

3. gr.

    Lög þessi öðlast gildi 1. september 2020. Við gildistöku laga þessara kemur í stað orðanna „1. mgr. 23. gr. sömu laga“ í 2. mgr. 8. gr. laga um félagslega aðstoð, nr. 99/2007: 1. og 2. mgr. 23. gr. sömu laga.”