The devil spoke yesterday

12th of December 2021

The ugly face of the devil.

Yesterday I got a call from the devil in disguise.

In the world there is good and there is evil.

The evil spoke yesterday in a ugly angry disgusting voice and threatened to sue me for negligence.

A 56-year woman who considers her to be the saviour of the family threatened her 76-year-old mother to be sued for negligence and theft of the children’s childhood.

This woman has used every opportunity possible to attack the woman who gave her the life.

This woman pretends to be the saviour and she saves by destroying and does not care who she destroys as long as it feeds the devils task to make her look good.

She told her mother yesterday that if the mother dared to write anything ever about her or her siblings, the mother would be sued and put to jail and ruined of everything she had.

The hatred echoed through the phone and the mother could feel the madness thrown at her.

People, some, do believe the 56-year-old one.

They believe the lies and don´t see through the plot.

The devil spoke yesterday and told the mother that a lawyer had said suing would be fine and in order.

Do I feel threatened?

No, I don´t.

I just feel relieved.

The final straw of ever being able to connect with the off springs shattered and now there is just a freedom.

If they are going to destroy the mother more than they have already done, that is their problem and not mine.

The hate is eating the 56 years old alive.

She does not understand it, and that is not a surprise.

How does the devil manage to control people like this one?

He is cunny and he knows where to struck.

His favourite are the ones that pretend to be the saviours but are in fact the destroyers.

Many who know the situation know the truth but there are others that just listen to the devil and believe everything he tells them.

Nowadays there are all kinds of people on social media who don´t hesitate to destroy people’s reputation.

My protection is to delete all Facebook friends from Iceland. Today I don´t have any Icelandic Facebook friends. I don´t want to see the ugly devilish lies. If I have to delete my Facebook account I will do it, but for the time being I am in a waiting mode to see what happens.

Threats are just threats but they need sometimes to be taken seriously and that is what I am doing now.

The devil in the 56-year-old does not love anyone except himself.

The madness is complete.

The hate will destroy the 56year old one in the end and the stupid individual does not understand why she has been sick for decades, feeding the sickness with the hate!

I am not going to be threatened by the devil.

I will live and enjoy every moment of my life with those who love me and there are many of them.

I am grateful for the devil speaking yesterday and setting me free.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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