The devil is broken !

19th of Desember 2021

There is evil in the world and it roars its ugly head whenever possible.

The protection is gratitude for the good in the world.

When evil concours everything is lost.

People lose their lives.

Animals die.

Houses are destroyed.

Trees fall.

The sea changes.

The water is poisoned.

The human mind is powerful and the root of evil is the human mind.

When gratitude and optimistic attitude are on top of the evil everything changes.

How can you be grateful when everything seems to be falling apart?

It takes courage and discipline, that’s how you can change the horror and neutralise the evil attacking you.

In every position there are bright shining rays.

One way to survive is to have a friend you can talk to and trust with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Such friends are rare, but they do exist.

You feel guilty for not being perfect.

You feel undeserving any good that happens in your life.

Your past is haunting you.

Can you ever get rid of your past?

I don´t know if that is the purpose of life, I think the past is a lesson you can either learn from or be stuck in forever. It is always my choice and your choice where you are heading. You can drag the past with you every step and never see the light, or you can face the past, come to accept it and move on. That is the way forward, anything else is the way back and who does want to be stuck in a box their whole life?

It is painful to be completely honest with yourself admitting that you are not perfect, but you want to be.

It is freedom to look the truth in the eye and move on.

It is freedom to be responsible for every day in your life and no one else can control how you feel. You are the conductor.

When you are free the devil is sad and disappointed and threatens you to make you suffer.

Nothing new there, this has been going on from the beginning of life on earth.

How do you survive in a world that is falling apart around you?

One day at a time you make gratitude your goal. You look for the beauty in the day and you look it into the eye and say THANK YOU.

The courage is inside you and no one can take it from you.

You are only responsible for your own happiness and that is the goal. Divorce the guilty feeling of not being what other people wanted you to be.

Claim your freedom, no matter what others try to do to you.

Believe in your heart that you are the only one in the world that can heal your broken heart.

Seek help if you need and talk to a trusted friend or anyone you want to share your thoughts with.

Sometimes you even can become so desperate that you don´t want to live this live anymore.

Don´t give up. Walk in the sunshine, in the rain or even in the freezing cold wind and feel the feelings.

Feel the sorrow, feel the sadness, feel the guilt, feel the solutions.

Cry, if you need to. Our tears are healing. When you cry the angels are cleaning your broken soul and helping you to rise up again.

Ask God, if you believe in God, to help you to heal and the power of the thought will heal gradually your broken heart.

Embrace the day and the happiness it is offering you.

Tell the person in the mirror that you love this person and that you are going to do everything in your power protecting the little child inside the heart.

One day at a time you will survive and one day at a time the future is yours.

This is the beauty of killing the evil.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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