Just a thought – The spring is coming !

7th of April

Good morning everyone.

Here in Penela it is cold today but so far the sun is shining and the rain is in a waiting mode.

I think the angels need to stop cleaning.

Enough is enough and they might well take a pause and let us enjoy the warmth and sunshine. They could even enjoy it with us.

Everything is trying to show their beauty at my balcony but they struggle. These 2 are doing well but last year this was happening in March.

I love the spring. I love to watch everything in the nature come to live and the smiles become broader on the humans.

The smell is like heaven.

The clouds, if there are any, are big and the pictures endless. The art gallery of the heavens !

I read a wonderful article by Bob Procter, I think the name is correct; where he is talking about the power of the mind and how we can shape our future and the moment simply by our thoughts.

I remembered also Louis Hay, who has now left us and is shining from the beauty in heaven.

She has been my mentor and saviour on the worst moments in my live. I remember when walking in the snow, listening to her voice on my tape recorder, and trying to figure out how to continue my shuttered live. It is at moments like that we need to remember that there is always a shining star behind every cloud.

When the despair is like a black cloth the words of the wise ones, the ones like Lois and Bob can help. They can lift us from the bottom up to the surface and they can help us to see the light that is surrounding each and every one.

Often I contemplate on why I did land in my situations throughout my 72 years.

I don´t know, but I believe there is and has been a lesson to learn for me.

I really hope the lessons that have been put in front of me have been worth of my struggle and despair just as of my joy and happiness.

Sometimes I think of being guilty and not good enough.

When that thought appears there is an angel whispering in my ear:


I know this is true. I know the angels are watching over me each and every day. I know there is a purpose with everything that happens. I just need to remember to embrace myself and take the child within to my heart and tell her everything will be ok.

We all have a child within.

A little one that needs nourishing from US, not from others.

Lois Hay taught me, many years ago, in the snow, that I was ok. Her soothing voice helped me just as so many others.

Today I want to remember that everything is well and my life has been worth every minute.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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