Just a thought – power of the mind

27th of March 2018

Just a thought

I have been thinking about the power of the mind.

Is it really as powerful as many will try to tell us?

When I go somewhere I sometimes plan before I leave home. I decide where to park my car, if my meeting will go according to my expectations, if I will get lost and so on.

Planning is good. I like it. It makes my life easier and more fun.

You might think that planning to get lost is not that exciting. Yes, it is. I get to see new places and explore. Of course I do have a GPS in my car but sometimes I don´t do EXCATLY what my friend there tells me. I like exploring.

So, when I use the power of my mind I keep this on top:

How do I want the end result to be? What will it look like? Have I got a clear picture of the end result?

Sometimes I don´t and that is when the power of my mind is not working.

I have learned through this practise that I don´t have to know how to get there, I just need to know I will get there.

A friend of mine told me the other day, few days ago, while we were having a discussion about my plan of moving, building a house and everything, that I would move into my new house before Christmas.

I looked at him, how could this be? There is not enough time?

I went home and thought about this a bit more, in fact a lot more.

Then it hit me. I have been trying to figure out how to get there? How to get to my plan? What I need to do and accomplish to get there?

I don´t need to figure out how!

What a relieve!

I just need to be prepared when everything falls into place and that is where the preparation ticks in.

The mind will take me where I need to go. The universe will make it possible. The limitations are none.

Yess; now I can start packing. Next Christmas will be in my new house. My friend was right. His calculation is bold but correct.

The power of my mind is endless, no limitations there.

So is yours.

Just experiment. You will be amazed and the results just as you want them.

Have a great day

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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