Don´t forget the people who have not got a computer

20th of March

Just a thought.

As we all know there are some, or most likely many people who don´t have a computer or a smartphone. They don´t know how to use these things.

Who are these people?

Some of them are the elderly ones.

Nowadays, at least in Iceland, there are many foreigners living. Some of them are the generation that did not grow up using computers.

When the authorities change their system and everything is through computers, this generation has problems.

Have the authorities thought about this?

How are the authorities going to solve this?

I am just asking because it looks like in Iceland much of the public system is computerizing all the communication.

The banks are also changing. They want us to use the internet and not come to the bank. Is this good? I don´t know. I just worry about those who cant or don´t know how to use the internet are going to survive.

I don´t live in the country where I get my pension from. Every year I have to send papers to the Icelandic institutions. I can do it because I know how to use the net. Although I have a feeling that there are some, and maybe many, who are helpless.

The system is complicated and it is not getting easier for some of the people.

This is just a thought, but maybe worth pausing and contemplating about.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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