The strange language on my WordPress page!

27th of January 2018

Good morning everyone.


A beautiful morning here in Portugal. Sunshine and almost clear sky.

I have been thinking what to do about the strange language you sometimes see pop up on my page.

Why am I writing in Icelandic?

The reason is this:

There are huge problems in Iceland, even though you might think, and even read sometimes that everything is just fine there.

More than 6 thousand children are starving.

The handicapped have problems with their income, it is not enough to support them through the month and the last days are struggle, among other things.

The elderly, the people over 65, are about 40 thousand. One third of them is struggling. The pension is terrible low and even their savings are used to subsidise the payments from the government.

Because of the situation, the poverty, the government and some other things I do try to let my voice be heard and do that by writing here on my WordPress blog, in the very strange language, Icelandic.

I have been thinking about making another blog for these thoughts, i.e. in Icelandic, but for the time being I don´t want to do that.

To solve my problem, because I don´t want to loose you the foreigners who  read my blog, I am going to put a sentence at the beginning of every blog in Icelandic in English to tell that this is about the Icelandic situation.

I hope you forgive me for my desire to fight for the rights of my former countrymen. I do get my pension from there and I do feel for the people who have either not the ability or the courage to write about their situation. They need someone, and more than one, to fight for them.

I am just one among many others.

Please, my foreign followers and readers, forgive me for the confusion.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

ps. “an article about the situation in Iceland, written in Icelandic” would be what you see at the beginning of the Icelandic writing. /HB



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