Chinese SAGAS – I became a TV star

duncanogtery2 006CHINESE SAGAS – TV-STAR (the beginning and not the end)

I had to go to Iceland to renew my VISA. I spent just 6 days there and did not have time to visit everyone I wanted to.

I was going to visit a good friend of mine who worked in Eimskip and was on my way to her when all my planning went out of the window.

Few days earlier I had been to the Chinese embassy in Iceland to apply for my VISA so I could stay in my house in Min Hou. I met some people in the embassy and we talked. They liked how I was describing my experience and felt it was a bit different from the stories they had heard from some other foreigners. I was living with the richest and down to the poorest. In my mind everyone is equal and they found this amazing and told me to write a book about my experience. It could be published in China. The man wanted the world to hear my story because it would be different from other western books about the country.

duncanogtery2 008

So, my book is on its way but it takes time and has taken longer than I intended when I sat in the Chinese embassy in Iceland many years ago. I had already begun writing but that was in Icelandic and I would have to change gear and write in English.

Who would have thought that the year 2018 would be my publishing year? Well we never know our destiny and that is what is so amazingly exciting.

Anyway, the head of the embassy told me that CCTV was in Iceland and making a documentary and they wanted to talk to me. This was typical for my life in China. Decisions made on the spot.

When I was in the embassy I had not gotten an Icelandic phone number to use and the TV people called my friends home, the one where I was staying. He did not have my number, I forgot of course to let him know that I had already got a number. I was supposed to call the embassy the next day, which I did and this was on Thursday. I was told that the schedule was too tight and the crew was going to talk to the president, the prime minister and the central bank governor, and there would not be time for interviewing me since they had not been able to reach me the day before.

No problem and I was a bit relieved.

The next day, which was Friday morning, I picked up my VISA and the deputy consul wanted to talk to me. She was the wife of the man I had spoken to before. We sat down and spoke for more than an hour. It was interesting that the husband took my coat and served us tea. This couple was really wonderful and I was grateful for meeting them. I hoped they would come for a visit some day in Min Hou. She gave me some books and material for my Chinese study. When I said good bye to the couple I thought that was it.

On Friday afternoon I was at my bank taking care of some practicalities. It was half past three and the phone rang. It was the First secretary in the Chinese embassy asking if I could come for an interview with CCTV at half past five.

Yes, I could do that. Where should I go? I asked.

He told me I would have to find a place!


I did not have a clue where to go.

But, like a rocket the thought flew into my mind that this would be the opportunity I had been waiting for to introduce my friends beautiful design. She had a shop on the corner at Vesturgata in the centre of Reykjavik. The wonderful design and the beautiful shoes surrounded by a flower shop all in a one big room. I had already made up my mind to tell my neighbours in China about her design, the super-rich neighbours who would not live on the islands but would spend weekends there.

I called my friend Gerður and asked if I could bring the TV people. She just smiled and said of course.

The interview was in Gerður’s shop and she got her ad all around the world. The TV crew was very nice, they usually are and it was amazing to meet them. They were situated in London and travelled through Europe. They wanted me to keep in touch and gave me their cards but I have most likely lost them.

All this confusion put my organising in chaos and I saw less of my friends in Iceland than I had intended to.

My trip ended and this was the 9th of December 2008. I had my VISA and was happy to leave the country which I will never see again.

On my home to Min Hou I spent 6 days in London.

Of course the adventures continued, I had a flight to catch on the 16th and there was the trip from the airport in Fuzhou. If you think everything went smoothly from there I advise you to think again. There is no end to my story.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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