Portuguese SAGAS – My land

6th of January 2019

My land

Now I have found my land. A beautiful view and a big land.


The land is an agricultural land so now I have to do some investigation.

Regulations here in my land are complicated.

My land is an agricultural land but that does not say it won’t be possible to build on it.

There are strict limits on plot and building sizes. This one is not too steep. There is another one close but that one is too steep and it would be too expensive building the foundations.

There are houses all around so electricity and water should be easily adjustable.

Are there correct building planning permissions? I don´t know. I have to investigate.

Finding an architect is also a task.

Some years ago I met a Swedish one who lives in Portugal. I will talk to him and see about his ideas.

Finding a good builder can also be a challenge here in my little land.

The architect is perhaps the most important one because he is the one who will supervise everything.

Should my house be one store or more?

I have not decided yet but would like it to be as easy as possible. I am not getting any younger and will make sure that I don´t have to move out if something happens to me.

A garage and storage place underneath would be a good idea.

A garage where I could put my car into, not like the one I have got now that is not for a car even though it was intended to when built. There is no way a car can get into my garage. Mine is the only one with these limitations! Seriously!

My apartment is big and everything on one floor except the garage. I have been thinking that maybe I could have the house on 2 floors and the bedroom on the upper one. Then the living room, kitchen and my office would be on the ground floor. All this I would have to discuss with my architect.

Yes this is exciting. Leaving the neighbour who is not going to change is the best I can do even though I will miss the beautiful balcony and my wonderful apartment. Missing things is nothing. I will move north. I like the north. I like the little village and the people are wonderful.

I will see the mountains and that is a must for me.

Even though I don’t see the water, the mountains cannot be outside my view.

I am excited.

It will be an adventure.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

2 thoughts on “Portuguese SAGAS – My land”

  1. Hulda, congratulations on the plot of land you apparently are buying.
    Your courage and enterprising spirit is not to trifle with.
    Hopefully you‘ll be dealing with honest people when you start on your project.
    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my friend. I appreciate all good wishes and most likely will need them. I have got people around me who will help in any way needed and as you know my optimism has no limits. By the way, age is just a number!


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