Day 7, emotional turmoil

17th January 2023

Another day is almost over.

Another day of expectations and no results

Another day of rising up and being confident that everything happens for a reason.

Not a bad day for emotional turmoil, the turmoil has not arrived yet and I am more or less at ease.

The difference from last days is that I seem to accept what is and more or less let past be past and believe in the future.

I am proud of me not giving in to the temptation to do what I could not do.

I was going to, but I changed my mind. It may have consequences but I am fine with that. I am at least responsible to myself and respect my limits. This is new for me in this situation and I am happy about myself.

Someone else may not be too happy, but now I have to stay firm and believe in what I am doing and trust the universe to take care of everything.

If I am asked for help I have to put myself first. This is something I remember my good friend say to me again and again. I am finally listening to his words.

I can not sacrifice everything for anyone. If I don´t take care of myself I will be useless for everyone.

This is what I am taking from this day.

I have to be number one to be able to help others.

Putting me in third place is simply sick.

Today I have not cried.

Today I have not been out because of the bad weather, but I have been more or less just content.

The problems have not disappeared but my attitude is changing I believe.

I am optimistic and I am waiting to see what happens.

Whatever the outcome is I will accept it with open heart and respect the universe.

The universe knows better than I what is in store for me.

It’s cold but I am lucky to have warm clothes and wood.

I have managed to pay almost all my bills this month, and those 2 who are left will be paid on the last day of the month so everything will be a clean sheet on the first of February.

The currency of the Icelandic krona is horrible but I will manage.

The gas bill is high but I will also manage.

Everything is going to be fine.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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