Am I going to keep on or will I leave?

10th of January 2023

Its been a while since my last blog

I have been thinking if I should just close my blog and go on with my life.

I’m going to continue at least for some weeks and see if I am seriously ready to let it go.

This is a new year and a new beginning in many ways.

The past is past and the future is now.

Sometimes all I can do is accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

One day at a time I wake up and make the most possible of each day on this new year.

Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easier but I always somehow manage to survive.

The Syrians upstairs are mad. He tried to attack me on Christmas day because I was killing his children when using my fireplace. It´s freezing cold in my little land and I have got wood downstairs. The man is crazy and that is not my problem.

He will be back, and I will call 112 and the police and the bombeiros will arrive.

He hit my car some weeks ago and I did not call the police then.

I am patient and a good neighbour but the claws are now out and next time anything happens he will realize that I am a woman who can take care of my rights and no stupid man will ever manage to break me.

There is a limit of how far you can go in manipulation.

Anyway, a lot is happening in my life and it will be interesting how the next weeks play out. Many good changes are at the horizon and I look forward to the adventure.

I lost implants, 3 teeth from my mouth in October and am truly lucky to have a wonderful dentist taking care of me. The next 5 or six months will be the procedure and so far everything is healing well. The problem is that I have got osteoporosis and the medicine I have taken is kind of hampering the process.

The winter is cold and it has been raining a lot in my little land. We needed the water and are trying to be grateful for the angels sending the water down but we miss the sun!

I am lucky to have tons of warm clothes and can put on layers to keep me warm. The bed is always warm with my wonderful Chinese duvet, and sometimes it is tempting not to get up in the morning, into the cold, but who cares, I just put quickly on the thermal layers and everything is perfect.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

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