My best friend

9. Apríl 2022

Sometimes life is too much and you don´t know how to survive.

There is always a solution and everything that happens is for some reason, nothing just because!

My best friend is sad. She is afraid that her dreams are shattered and she does not know where the next steps will lead.

She tells me how she feels and I try to comfort her and take her into my arms when she is crying.

Crying is ok. She cries when everything seems to be going backwards and no bright side ahead.

I feel for her and I feel with her.

She is strong and she rises up again and the optimistic woman is there again.

I ask her to look at the bright colours of the spring that is appearing in her little land.

The clouds are white and the sun is shining, kissing her cheeks and warming her shoulders.

Life is good even though at the moment my friend doesn’t see the shining star behind the clouds, but she knows that there is always a shining star behind every clout.

The little village embraces my friend when she walks around and every step is taken with gratitude. My best friend is strong. She is the one I can rely on and she is the one I can talk to and tell all my secrets and worries. She is the one I talk to about my happiness and my joy. She is the one that knows everything that goes on in my mind and she is always there for me.

She has told me that everything will be ok.

She has told me to keep my head high and hold on to my hopes.

She has comforted me in my despair and she has laughed with me in my joy.

A best friend like mine is a gift from God.

I am grateful for her every day and I would be nothing without her.

She knows my dreams and she knows they will become true.

I am lucky to have a friend like her.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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