A beautiful strong woman

26th of March 2022

The last Saturday of March is here

Thank God that this month is almost over and a new beginning can arrive.

My little land is beautiful this morning and the sun trying to shine over my little village.

The strawberries are appearing, still green and tiny but the flowers have changed to little bulbs and soon they will be read strawberries for me to taste.

Life goes on and even though difficult in a Covid situation the future is now, this moment is what makes the future and next moment is still unknown.

What a wonderful world we live in, despite everything.

I took a very long walk this week more or less to test my physical situation and I am happy with the result. The pain in my legs and hips was just normal after such a strain on the body and was gone the next day!

On Monday I see my dr. Margarida for the first-time face to face in 2 years! She will definitely send me to have some tests and scans because that is what perfect doctors do in my little land.

Sometimes I think about my age and then I think about the actual years that I have lived.

I don´t look my age. I look much younger and that is something I should be grateful for.

Age is just a number.

It can be a devastating number but it can also be a wonderful proof of what can be accomplished by healthy living.

Living one day at a time and taking with courage whatever happens is also important.

I looked at my picture and, in my mirror, yesterday and the woman that was there is truly a beautiful woman. She is strong and she has more strength than many who have many years less in her bag.

I am truly proud of her.

I am going to continue to take good care of her and treat her with utmost respect and love.

Her life has been a lesson in strength and she has survived everything.

Today she is even stronger than she was yesterday.

If she needs a shoulder to cry on, I will take her to my heart and embrace her.

She is a little child just as much as a grown-up woman and she needs to be loved by herself more than anything else. That is something I can give her.

I am blessed to have this wonderful woman as me.

Hulda Björnsdottir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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