The threat!

I was out and when I am not home I turn off my internet connection.

When I arrived home, I saw that there was a call on Skype. I saw who had called and decided to call back and see what was going on.

A man replied and I told him that I had received a call from this number.

He said that with him was someone that wanted to talk to me.

To the phone came a voice I recognised and that was not a friendly one!

The person told me that she had been asked to call me and tell me that a relative of mine was dying from cancer and had just few days left.

I stayed calm and replied that I had expected this call was about letting me know that the money would be returned, finally!

It was like I had thrown a bomb, the person shouted at me that she did not owe me anything. She spat at me through the phone: It was I who owed her and her group. I had destroyed hers and her groups childhood by negligence and I would be prosecuted for negligence and taken to court if I dared to write or talk about this group and my life would be destroyed and the rest of my stay here on this earth would be hell.

The person said she had already spoken to a lawyer about the case and told that she and the group were in their right to destroy me.

I kept calm and said that this conversation was over.

Some people are mad by their hatred and have spent their whole adult life to destroy the woman they chose as a parent.

We are the ones that choose our parents before we enter this world and our choice is what we are stuck with.

If we have made a bad choice, it is our responsibility and if we are not willing to learn what we came to learn we will just have to put up with it and the future lives will hunt us. We can only blame ourselves.  My mother told me this many decades ago.

I have heard many stories this poor person has told about me.

Some people simply choose to remember what was not perfect and forget what was done well.

Do these people feel good?

Are they happy?

Are people who allow hate to control their lives full of happiness?

Is it not strange and even sick to spend all the power of body and soul into hating another person?

My opinion is that it is sick and dangerous for the society and poison to everyone that knows people like that if nothing is done.

You can be beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside.

Will the ugly inside win?

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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