Do The Quick Solutions work?

11. September 2021

Is collagen good for your body?

I was talking to a friend of mina about her business and she told me that some of the products she is selling would be good for me.

I looked into the business and what I saw first was a lot of stories from young women with big lips, long eyelashes and long hair.

These young women told me how wonderful the company was and how rich and wonderful everything is for them after just few weeks!

This was all wonderful but I thought fine, but where are the information’s section? Where can I see the products? Where can I see the prices and so on?

My friend asked me what I thought and I told her all I knew so far was how wonderful this all was.

She laughed and sent me more info or rather a link to connect.

I connected and there I was inside somewhere I could get info about the products and prices as well as how everyone was going to help me grow rich in no time!

Oh, did I forget how easy this all would be?

Anyway, just to try I made an order for one of the products, the collagen, which was supposed to be so wonderful for me.

20 days supply was 59 dollars and that was a reduced price from 74 USD.

In checkout I saw the added cost, the shipping and handling, the tax and some other cost added up to not 59 USD but 114 USD!

I was stunned.

It is wonderful to be able to investigate before buying and this was something I would not buy.

The price was ridicules.

I can buy something similar and even better for 45 EUR here in my favourite vitamin and health shop!

Now back to the product. It was supposed to be wonderful for your bones, your hair and who knows what more.

After talking to another friend today and googling I figured out the wonderful product was perhaps not so much scientifically proven!

I am not interested in all those quick health solutions. I know what works best for me and perhaps for the general public as well. Persistence, healthy living and taking good care of yourself is my advice to myself and my friends.

I have got a heart problem which has been there for decades and a surgery did what was possible to repair but there are some things still a problem.

Yesterday I saw my doctor for a 6 months check-up and he was happy and I was happy. The result is that we are accomplishing our goal, to keep me the same, not getting worse.

This is a worthy goal and I was happy and my doctor was happy. There are no quick solutions for me, just consistency.

On the internet there is a lot of quick solutions. You can lose 20 kilos in few days and feel and look like a model! Seriously?

What happened to the skin that had all the 20 kilos inside it? Did it become firm just like a blink of the eye?

Many believe those quick solutions and they pay a huge sum of money for them. In the end they will be disappointed and that is so sad because they might even be giving up on trying those boring long-time solutions, i.e. exercising and eating healthy.

I could never sell those promises and I am hopeless in getting rich by selling the stuff that works within weeks.

Do people really not know how easy it is to Photoshop pictures?

My friend is quite a good business woman and I wish her all the best.

I also wish all those who are buying the quick solutions a quick and true results.

I don´t care what the believers spend their money on.

I just find it so terribly sad that they don´t see through the plot and just turn their attention to taking care of their bodies the old fashion way by exercising and eating healthy and being happy.

My recovery after the surgery in may has already ben going on for a while and this week, I went to my gym for the first time. It felt wonderful to be a part of my family there again. The plan is to take it very slowly and gradually increase the intensity and in December I might be able to train with my personal trainer again on full force.

Patience is the goal.

Gratitude is the feeling.

I hope you are well, you who are reading this, just remember that quick solutions might not be the road to recovery!

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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