The idiots!

I am working on how to change a mindset from negative to positive and always expect the best and set the dreams high and never hesitate or doubt about the dreams coming true.

There is no need to know how to get there, its just knowing you are there and what the end result will look like!

It sounds simple but can be complicated and the mind is struggling and trying to tell that this is not going to work.

I know my dreams.

I know what the end result looks like.

I know I need to make an effort and shush the voices in my head saying that I am never going to get there. Have you ever experienced this, my reader?

The next months are going to be interesting in my life, nothing new there, my life is always interesting and never dull, that I can tell you for sure.

Long time ago I figured out that if I don´t have any challenges and my life is flowing like a soft river, I get bored to death. I need excitement and I love planning.

I am planning my future and if I told you how you would tell me to step back and reconsider!

That’s what is so wonderful.

I am convinced that everything will work out. I am even considering to live until 90 something! Being healthy and active until death is my goal.

A part of the process is looking at the bright sides and using positive words. What do I mean?

Let me explain.

If I am waiting for something to happen and I need some authorities to be part of the process and everything goes slowly and I am losing my patience. I call the authorities IDIOTS and I am angry and pissed off.

Could it be that while my mindset is about the IDIOTS WHO NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR ME, I would be pushing the brakes hard?

Would it change the outcome if I changed my mindset, left the brakes and thought about the authorities as my friends, not my enemies, and I thought about HOW THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE ARE DOING EVERHING IN THEIR POWER TO HELP ME?

I believe it would change everything.

When I fall into the trap of thinking of those I need to support me as IDIOTS or PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING DIFFICULT, I don´t get the results I want.

If I think about the same people as my friends and WONDERFUL PEPLE WHO ARE TRYING EVRYITHING POSSIBLE TO HELP ME I get the best results ever.


When I am positive, I send positive vibrations to the other people and everything goes smoothly.

When I am negative, I send negative vibrations to the other people and nothing works well for me.

I have lived in a country with a complicated bureaucracy for almost 11 years. I know how things work here in my little land and I am patient and polite. I think about my people, the ones who I need to help me, as my friends, that are willing to everything in their power to help everything to run smoothly. The result is that everything does run smoothly. Sometimes I have to be extra patient and that is perfectly fine with me because I know the people are on my side.

Today is a wonderful day in my little land. My little village is sunny and warm. The flowers are happy and the insects are over the moon.

It has been hot, very hot, the last few days but tomorrow the heat retreats and that is good for me. The sun will still be shining and the happiness will still be embracing me because I am allowing it to do exactly that.

A lot of my life depends on the currency of the Icelandic Krona because I get my pension from Iceland. Yesterday it did not look too good. Today it is better and there are still 5 days left of the month and a lot can happen. I am optimistic and my plans will stick. Yesterday I could have been worried to death but I chose not to be.

I look at my future, even my closest future, with bright eyes and dreams coming true. It feels good and I am grateful for everything I already have and I am grateful to have a bright future ahead.

What more could I wish for?

I hope your day will be good, my reader.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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