I don´t believe God takes care of everything! I seriously don´t believe in God as such!

8th of August 2021

Sometimes life is simple but I make it complicated.

I need a certificate about my Covid vaccination.

I thought it would be simple to get the app, which was quite simple, just downloaded it on my phone.


I wanted to be able to use the app and that’s where the problem starts.

The registration did not happen because I am not a citizen, just a long-time residence.

So, I went to the centre de saude, which is the health centre where I go and asked them for help.

They did and everything should be working fine but not!

Now I have to go to Coimbra tomorrow, and that was what I intended to do in the first place but did listen to some information I got from some people.

My point is this:

Never follow the guidelines you get from those who think they know, talk to the authorities and they will for sure solve the problem.

What we tend to do is ask for advice and the advice is often not QUITE what we need!

It is a waste of time.

Next time I will be wiser and just follow my instinct and go to the government office or whatever and get the stamps or certificates I need.

It is just so wonderful to know that some of my closest friends think that God is at work.

Where was God when I needed the correct information?

Since I am talking about God, I don’t believe there is a God that people can talk to and he will then take care of everything.

I believe there is a higher power somewhere but my true believe is about the law of attraction.

I believe the law of attraction is working in our lives. If I can see clearly what I want and I put my mind to it and send love to the thought and the end result is all I need to see to make my dreams come true.

It can take time, and it often does, but patience is needed sometimes but sometimes everything goes quickly.

I have been tidying up in my home. I have clothes that I had 20 years ago. Some of them are the once I still use but there are some I never use and they take up space in my apartment.

It feels good to get rid of some of them but some go into boxes in my garage and if I don´t use them the next 2 years I will either throw them away or give them to someone.

I seriously think I have got clothes for the rest of my life. I just need to keep my current weight and then I am safe until I say good bye to this world and travel to a new one.

I have boxes downstairs that I used when I moved from Iceland and those are the ones I am going to use for my left-over things for now.

Writing what is in each box is a good plan and perhaps there are one or 2 boxes downstairs that need to be emptied and the things inside thrown away. You never know.

Anyway, I am in a clean the clutter mode and it feels good.

God has nothing to do with my cleaning.

I remember when I was in China and people looked at me and asked if I was a Christian and when I said yes, they got this look on their faces, like I was better than those who were not.

It always annoyed me.

And as the years passed, I learned that the Christianity there was what I despised about the religion, the arrogance and being the chosen ones!

I asked someone, where was your God when you needed him?

I am not popular after this question, that’s for sure but I don´t care.

I just ask, where is this wonderful God when people are starving and everything is going downhill, even though they go to church and pray and pray?

The worst crimes in the universe have been committed in the name of God. That is a fact. How can people believe blindly?

This is just my thought for today and perhaps clearing the clutter is not just about clothes. Perhaps it is also about relationships. I don´t know yet, but I will figure it out and continue clearing the clutter.

Have a nice coming week, you who read this.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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