The new beginning!

1 st. of August 2021

Good morning.

A beautiful morning here in my little land and my village is shining. It is partly cloudy but not too cold. We might have up to 23 in the afternoon and the summer is still on holiday I have no idea what has got into it but being on holiday during July should be enough, although I am not too disappointed about not having to flee inside from the terrible summer heat!

Waking up and deciding to make this a happy wonderful day feels perfect. Gratitude and looking forward to the day is my goal.

It is all about the mindset.

I can dwell on what is not perfect and completely how I would like it, or I can dwell on what I have and what I am looking forward to in my future.

The moment is mine.

The thought is mine.

The choice is mine.

Thinking with love and hope and being grateful are a perfect combination for a happy day.

I am organising the next months and that is not boring. I love organising and I am excited about the outcome.

There are million of questions that appear while I am figuring out how to take care of what I need to take care of. Asking is not difficult, it is just to know the right people to ask and everything runs smoothly.

I am lucky to have the best lawyer in the land and she is one I can trust completely and as well as being my lawyer she is a good friend. She and her company have taken care of me since I came to Portugal and made my life much easier than if I was trying to do everything myself. In a country where you don´t know the system well, and the system is complicated, a good lawyer is a must, and I have got one.

I am reading, or rather listening to a book which talks about how the mindset is the number one when you are changing anything. You need to reboot your brain disk, like I did when I took the 7 days of the social media. I feel those 7 days are the best I have had in a long time. I got a space to think about what I really want; I got a space from all the rubbish going on in the narrow world of some of the Facebook comments and news feeds.

I am a highly sensitive person and I need to protect myself to be able to survive.  

Being in the midst of the social conversation where people are more negative than in real live is not a healthy place for someone like me.

We need a world that is full of positive and beautiful comments and conversations.

I hope your month will be full of happiness and joy, my reader, I send you hugs wherever you are in the world and I will continue to write here. It is for me and if someone else can use what I am thinking to make their lives a bit better it would be great, but if not that is also ok.

See you tomorrow

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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