Just a good night thought

31 st of July 2021

It’s the last day of July and I have no idea where the summer in my little land went.

It has been cold most of July or just like springtime, nothing like a summer. Is the summer still on holiday? I wonder!

So, yesterday I decided to write few words on Facebook to say that I am alive and everything is well but that I have decided to leave Facebook, but I said I would reply to messages.

I got 3 comments.

The truth is I don´t miss the book at all.

I am just so happy and relieved to have made this decision and my life is like a new one.

You think you have got friends and then it turns out that most of them really don´t care about you if you are not a celebrity or famous!

Today I went to Coimbra. I wanted to see something interesting, a display of pictures from Coimbra, but unfortunately there was nothing, it had been there last weekend! Instead, they had put up a dinosaur’s garden for the children!

This was ok, At least I got out and on my way home to the supermarket to get some things.

I really don´t like to go shopping. I try to go once a month and now I have got a 10 euros discount per month to use and my August discount is not valid until tomorrow.

The evening here in my little village is beautiful today, the sun is shining but I can tell you it is cold.

When I came home from Coimbra the fire department was creaming. I don´t know what was happening but it looked like fire somewhere.

It is evening now and I have had a wonderful day. Nothing special, just normal wonderful day full of love and happiness. That is how days should be.

I am thinking about reaching out to some of my friends here in Portugal that I have not seen or spoken to for some time. It is up to me to keep the connection if I want it and it’s my decision how to do it.

I seriously look forward to go to the gym again and after august I should be able to do that. I could go there just for a walk but so far, I have not done it. I am waiting to recover a bit more and for the time being just walk around my little village.

I am preparing for a huge change in my life perhaps in December and even before Christmas. There is a lot to take care of and paperwork is complicated! Documents that are from Iceland written in English need to be translated into Portuguese. Sometimes I just wonder why everything is made so complicated. It would be so much easier if everything was simple and life just gliding ahead!

I am going to remember to write something here every day and perhaps it would be good to do it in the morning when I am fresh and the thoughts are streaming!

I am extremely happy for so much that has happened today. I am grateful for my life. I should be grateful and happy and I truly am.

Life is just amazing when we open our eyes and look closely.

Opportunities are everywhere if we are open for them when they rise in front of us.

I am a lucky one.

I wish you my reader a good night’s sleep and hope your day tomorrow will be exceptional. It is a new beginning, a new month and a new future every moment.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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