The first day after the 7 days sobriety from the social media! Disappointing?

30. July 2021

The first day after 7 days away from the social media is here.

A bit confusing and I am trying to figure out the next step.

Will I continue to be on Facebook or will I just leave it?

Should I apologize to my friends on Facebook for disappearing for 7 days without any explanation?

Seriously, I am not sure what I will do but the day is different from yesterday. I have looked at the news feed and I have seen that it just took my “friends” 2 days to “leave” my site!

I did get 3 messages which I have already replied to and explained what was going on.

The reply from one was full of love and support.

The reply from another one was “its good you are alive”

And the third one was rather blunt, neither friendly or unfriendly.

The truth is that the outcome did not surprise me.

I have been writing something every morning on Facebook, saying good morning and putting some pictures of my mornings. Some people have sent me a greeting and some have put likes with some of the photos. That has been my Facebook experience. I have made some comments here and there on matters that I thought important. I have ignored the ugly discussion and the smearing.

While writing this I am seriously thinking about what to do in the future about the social media and my first thought is to leave it alone and not bother to look at the news feed.

I have not made a decision.

I will let my new reality sink in.

There are some people I will miss but they are not that many.

My true friends are not those on Facebook, my true friends are in real live. They are the ones I see and we want desperately to hug each other. Many of them are not even on the social media and have no idea what is going on there.

Blogging is nice.

I can put my thoughts down here and just let go of them.

Am I disappointed?

No, I am not.

My life goes on and soon I will be in a totally different situation, which I look dearly forward to.

I hope you my reader have a wonderful day full of happiness and love.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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