Day 7 of my social media sobriety! The last day!

29th of July 2021

Yess, it is the last day of my social media sobriety and I am really proud of myself.

I have stood the challenge and not a problem.

This morning I woke up and thought about how wonderful my life is.

It is just plain peaceful and no stress looking at the news or anything. The weather is beautiful in my little land, pleasantly warm and the sun is shining.

It felt really good to be free from the addiction and just going into the day with a clear mind and excitement.

I will probably write tomorrow about how it was to go back and what I did.

My plan is to see if anyone has been worried, because I did not tell anyone about my decision.

If there are some people wondering or writing to me and asking, I will send them a message and reply but nothing public on my Facebook.

I am not going back to what was before.

Now I am moving forward.

Today is going to be a busy day, me vegetables come soon and, in the afternoon, I have a meeting.

Singing, writing this, writing my diary, making the broth, which is already cooking is the plan so far and of course more intensive studying of Portuguese.

The mornings are great, the washing machine has taken care of the laundry and the sun is taking care of drying so I just have to wait.

This is a wonderful day.

This is my day and tomorrow another one begins, completely different, but perhaps not so much.

It will be something to be able to talk to my loved one on WhatsApp. Phones are fine but the video is different.

I just hope you, my reader, will have a wonderful day and stay safe.

I send hugs and kisses just into the universe.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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