Hurray! Day 6 has arrived. My social media sobriety is almost done!

28th of July 2021

Day 6 is here

Good morning to a beautiful morning here in my little land. It is sunny and warm already and will go up to 27 later today. We are in a strange period of time. The summer is still on holiday and it came for few days but decided to leave and perhaps come back in august.


This is day 6 of my social media sobriety and it feels absolutely perfect and relaxing this morning. Not even a temptation to pick up my phone!

I have been thinking about what I will do after tomorrow.

Will I go back to where I was before and say good morning on Facebook and share pictures from my balcony and contemplate about some thought I am going to keep with me that day or will I retreat and stop posting on Facebook?

I seriously don´t know.

What I know is that there might be some, few of my friends there that are wondering what happened and where is she?

I have a choice.

I can send my concerned friends a message where I explain why I disappeared.

I can write something on my Facebook and explain.

And I can just disappear!

I am going to send a message to those who have asked, if any, about me and tell them why and what I did.

I have not decided what I do in general.

One thing is though for sure, I am not going back as before. I am not going to read the news feed about all the horrible things going on.

I watch the news in my TV and that is enough for me. I know what is going on in my little land and I know what is going on in the world in general.

I have got one more day to think about the future on the social media and I am not going to make a decision today but the future will be different, that is for sure.

Yesterday I found my little iPod which I have not used since 2018 when I was in the hospital for 10 days. There are several books on it and some music. I was listening to a book yesterday and it felt so normal. I do read a lot but listening is also perfect when I am doing something as well, multitasking woman!

Perhaps the most important eye opener during these 5 days is how much time social media takes away from other exciting things we can do. Being busy feels good and there is nothing disturbing.

I am not telling you, my reader, to do what I did. I am just telling you about my experience and how I feel. I am happy to have done this and my only concern is the closest friends who are worried, or might be worried about not seeing anything from me or hearing from me.

I am grateful for my life every day and I think about it every morning.

It is nothing to be taken for granted to be happy and wake up in the morning ready for the adventures of the day.

We are in Covid times and they are different but we adjust.

I have a plan for the future and I am concentrating.

Life is just so amazingly wonderful.

Hulda Bjornsdottir  

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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