Yesss! Day 5 of my social media sobriety is here!

27th of July 2021

Good morning

This is the 5th day of my social media sobriety and I am quite happy.

This is the first morning that I don´t reach for my phone to check on the media and it felt really good.

I have been busy the whole morning and already now at 10:40 there is soup cooking in a big pot that will last me for 7 days.

Can you imagine, there are just 2 days left of the sobriety and I am totally fine. My computer disk, in my brain, is almost restored and the rest will be piece of cake.

I have to go to Facebook and explain my absence of course, i.e., if anyone has missed me there.

On Friday morning I will call my dearest and that is the only thing I have missed, not being able to use WhatsApp and talk to someone I talk to every day and often per day.

I saw on the news this morning that my little land is perhaps going to ease the restrictions in the evenings so the restaurants can be open a bit longer during August which is the main tourist month here in Portugal. The financial situation is bad and something needs to be done and I understand the governments problem but I dearly hope we will not get another period like the one where everything was closed more or less.

During these 5 days of no social media, I have changed my habits a lot and I am happy about the outcome. Habits are easy to grow but they can also be easy to kill!

I have been in a box and now I am stepping out of the box into the real world. Isn’t that something?

Why am I telling you about this?

Well, I might have made someone to think a little bit about how their days go and what is most important in their lives. I have broken a habit that I did not want to have attached to my soul and it has made me free.

I am changing my habits after Friday and not going back to what was. The future is different and more exciting than following the conversation about things that I am not interested in, just because my “friends” are carrying on the conversation!

Life is just wonderful and I am extremely happy.

Living my life alive is what my dear friend to many years told me some months ago.

I have thought a lot about his words and they are guidelines for me in those Covid times that are hampering me in some ways and making it impossible for the moment to be with people I really care about and want to be with.

We will never go back to normal as it was before, said a friend of mine, few days ago.

I agree, it will be different but it will be good.

We hopefully have learned how important closeness is to us and how we can make the most of the moment we have.

I have learned my lesson about social media and I had a wakeup call and followed my instinct.

My sobriety is almost done, just 2 days left, but the sobriety can not leave me. My new path is there just like the one addicted to vine or drugs claims his sobriety I claimed mine, but it took me not weeks or months, it only took a will of my mind!

I wish you, my reader, a wonderful day and a happy future wherever you are.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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