Day 4 of my social media sobriety!

26th July 2021

Day 4 of my social media sobriety is there.

Time flies and Friday will be here before I know it.

3 days gone and 4 days including this one left.

Yesterday I felt a bit lost when the afternoon came.

This morning I woke up a bit anxious and wanted to see what was happening in the social media world. I was strong and the temptation did not win. I took my phone in my hand and to be on the safe side and not open anything I looked at the weather forecast here in my little village. It is going to be 27 and cloudy today, which is cold at this time of the year.

Habits are strong and mine are stronger than word can describe.

I feel like I am in a way refreshing my computer brain by this decision.

I have been looking seriously into many things in my life now and the future.

What will the future hold?

Will I go back to be a Facebook fan or will I change my habits completely?

It is a pause, a welcome one, not to see anything about the situation in Iceland but I miss not seeing the pictures from my little land taken where my friends are spending the weekend and recharging the batteries for the coming week.

It is Monday now. Everyone that has work and is working away from home is now on their way to their workplace and Covid normal is kicking in.

I am not going to work today or any other day since I am retired but there are things to do.

My life is busy and I am enjoying it and during these last days I have been contemplating and seen how lucky I am. I am perhaps one of the lucky ones in a time that makes people worried and depressed.

I was thinking about the generation that does not use the internet or the social media. They are in the same situation as I have been these last days, I have been there by choice but they are there because they don’t have a choice.

Today my idea is not to go back to using Facebook much. I want to have the freedom I have now, today, and enjoy the real life. Will I be able to do that? I don´t know. I may realise what to do when I open my social media again and see who if any has noticed my absence.

I only told one person what I was going to do.

Everyone else knows nothing what is going on.

The person I told I would be away for a week is perhaps curious where I am and what I am doing.

In fact, I am just home doing what I always do apart from looking at the social media.

Resetting my computer brain is wonderful.

I have been in doubt what to make of my future and now I am convinced I am doing what I really want to do.

Courage and optimism are the feelings.

I am going to say it once more that I feel free these 3 days, I feel happy and looking forward to every moment in between when I fall back and think this is not a good way to run my life.

The negativity and doubt are just the hangover.

Now I have today and 3 more days to experience the freedom.

I have no plan what to do from next Friday except I will call my friend on WhatsApp and tell him why and what is the outcome of this strange behaviour.  He will be happy and I will be even happier.

Why am I writing this here?

I want people to know what can happen if you pause and take a good look at the road you are heading, that is why I am sharing my experience.

I have used Facebook to say good morning to my friends there and showed them pictures from my morning and perhaps told them what my goal is for the day. I am not sure I will continue doing this.

The unknown is wonderful.

The unknown is the adventure.

The crossroads are the future.

Which way we choose is always a learning process.

I hope your Monday will be prosperous and happy.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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