Day 3 of my social media sobriety!

25th of July 2021

Good morning once again.

This is day 3 in my experiment of not going on Facebook or WhatsApp.

So far so good.

Yesterday was different from the first day. More relaxed in some ways but also more tense in other aspects. There is one person I really miss and would like to talk to but I am sticking to my plan. Next Friday will be normal again with all the internet everything.

I am probably old fashioned. I figure out that I don´t like those text messages too much. I like more to be able to hear the voice and get the feeling of the person on the other side of the connection, the phone!

Talking to a friend for example in destress on the phone is much stronger than just sending text messages. Hearing the person cry is more powerful than reading about it.

Comforting and caring in messages is not real. The voice and the love that comes through the sound of the voice is what is needed.

This is one thing we lose when we are addicted to text messages as many are.

I went yesterday to the flower shop and talked to my friends there. It felt good and to see the smile in their eyes and hear the warm voices was something. That was indeed what made me think deeper about the text messages and why I don´t like them that much.

In person is what I prefer.

I’m using a program on the internet for my Portuguese study these days and I am using it intensively. There is a possibility to ask the one that owns the program questions and she will reply but that is not live. I would like to be able to see her at least on the screen and talk to her live and ask the million questions that come up when I am studying. No, it is just text messages but she does reply and guide me if I ask, but it is different from sitting in front of her.

I have friends in New Zealand which I sometimes talk to on skype. They lead me through their garden some time ago and showed me how beautiful it is. This came to my mind while thinking about the text messages!

Before the internet everything was different. I would not go back to how it was then but I would like it to be a bit different from what it is now.

Another thing is about how we use the language while texting. There are shortcuts and more shortcuts. What does it do to our language, whichever langue we use?

Is that perhaps the reason so many complain about the lack of language knowledge, even those who talk on the radio or the journalists, are losing the feeling for beautiful text and with that a part of the culture is lost as well. In every language you can find the culture and all its beauty. That is something I find so wonderful when I am learning a new language.

My sobriety is going well and making me reconsider my life in many ways, or at least my habits!

Well, today is the 3rd day and so far I am happy with the result.

This morning though I fell into a trap. I wanted to see if my florist was open and goggled the opening hours.

Guess what! The information was on Facebook. I was quick to close! Not going to break my promise of a week not going to the social media!

I do miss some people more than others but all in all it is just 7 days and then I will be back.

Will this change my habits? Yes, I think so. In what way I am not sure yet but I am convinced that this has been a wakeup call for me and, in the future, I will connect with my friends in a different way.

This is it for today and I hope you my reader will have a wonderful Sunday and stay safe.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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