Day two of my social media sobriety!

24 th of July 2021

Good morning again.

The sun is shining in my little land and today it might be about 24 degrees which is absolutely perfect for me.

I am struggling with the fungus on my orchids and really hope they will survive. Talking to the flowers has nothing to do with me taking a break from the social media. It’s just what I do and it felt good to say good morning to them in the beautiful sunny morning. Everything seems to be in good shape and talking to my flowers makes me a bit more human!


How do I feel now, or rather how did I feel yesterday and what was the difference of not looking at Facebook or anything?

I think this was a very good decision to make and I slept like an angel during the night.

Yesterday was busy, but I had to be careful when I touched my phone, not to open Facebook or look at the app, not because I wanted to know what was going on, but it was the reflex and the habit to look at what was going on.

I have no desire to open Facebook this morning.

Another habit connected to the social media is that I took pictures of the morning from my balcony and wrote a good morning thought on Facebook.

Yesterday no pictures and this morning no pictures either and no morning thought.

I admit that I am wondering if anyone notices that I have not been on the app during yesterday.

I also admit that it will be interesting to see how many of my “friends” will still be active talking to me when this sobriety is over. Will the same ones be there or not?

I only told one person that I would not be there for one week!

But all in all, it is a relive and wonderful feeling just to be normal as before the active social media. I miss the e-mails and the phone calls. I miss the coffeehouse meetings where people sat down and laughed together and talked about all and nothing just enjoying the company and the closeness.

On the other hand, I am slowly realizing how much I have relied on i.e., Facebook. I wanted to talk to a friend here in Portugal and was going to call her, I needed some information, and I realised I don´t have her phone number because we always use Facebook when we talk on the phone!

There are more of my friends in the same category so soon I will get their phone numbers but not until the end of this week. There is no way I am going to break my sobriety.

Another plus with this situation is that no more charging my phone every day! The battery will last many days now, perhaps no charging until the end of the week!

So, this is about all for now. I am doing fine, feeling free in a way, not seeing the horror of the fake promises from Iceland before the election in September and not the nasty conversation about people who have perhaps put the wrong foot in front but nothing has been proved although the nasty conversation is blooming.

It is just day 2 of my sobriety but sleeping like an angel and waking up fresh and happy is wonderful.

I wish you, my reader, a wonderful Saturday wherever you are in the world and perhaps you will read my thoughts again tomorrow. There will be a morning report until Friday and on Saturday I will tell you how it feels to be back to the old habit! That will be interesting.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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