Day one of social media sobriety!

23rd of July 2021

Good morning

I have decided this morning to take a break from Facebook and WhatsApp during one week, starting this morning and ending the morning at the 30th of July.

I want to see how it affects me to be away.

I want to see how much the social media is affecting my daily life.

I have some idea because now it is 10:52 in the morning and I have been tempted without realizing it, to open Facebook and see what is happening! It is kind of a reflex but so far, I have been ok and left my phone alone.

It will be strange not to talk to people I am used to talk to every day on WhatsApp but I did send a message this morning where I told the person most important that I would be away from the social media for one week.  I thought if I just left this person might think something had happened to me, which has not, I am just experimenting.

I have a routine in the morning, I take pictures from my balcony, I say good morning and I write about the weather and my goal for the day.

This morning no pictures but there are goals.

The most important one is to be happy today. To make the most of the day and be grateful for my blessings, which are many.

I have been doing some investigation about the application for becoming a Portuguese citizen and I found out that the test in the language is in October, September, June and March.

My goal is to take it in October this year. It is not too expensive, 72 Eur. I have not figured out where the tests are taken here in Portugal but I now how long it is, 2 hours, and how long to wait for the results, 2 weeks more or less.

After the test, and passing it of course, the process of the application can begin and soon I will be a citizen in my little land. At the moment I am just a resident and have been for the last 10 and a half years.

Before the end of this year, I will be a true Portuguese.

The second part of my morning has been to look at my broken orchids which got a horrible fungus and now I am trying to kill it with poison I bought yesterday. I hope I will succeed but if not, then the only way is to throw some of them away and that would be really bad so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The summer is strange in my little land, hot days and cold days and we never know how the next one will be. The first serious fire has been there and the arsenic found. That does not mean we are on the safe side, far from it. Sometimes we have fires in October but after that we are on the safe side.

Anyway, for the next seven days I will be writing here about how my social media sobriety is affecting my daily life. So far, this morning I am feeling strange, a bit confused, on edge not to open anything and just stay calm, but it feels good.

See you tomorrow and have a nice day wherever you are in the world.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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