Did I get rich from investing in the stock market?

Last month I decided to do something I had never done before. I decided to go on the stock market and she how it worked.

In a way it was by coincidence that I entered but continuing was of course my choice.

I got a call every morning from a coach and he wanted me to deposit more money so I would be able to earn more!

I was not ready to risk a lot and I knew it was 50 per cent possibility I would loose at least some money, so I told my coach, no more money into my account.

Everything went well the first 2 weeks but suddenly there was a collapse in the markets and the future was not bright.

To make a long story short I did loose all my profit and half of my deposit. I decided to close my account and claim the money I had left.

When depositing everything had went smoothly, the money in my account for use in just minutes but claiming something back was a completely different story.

All kinds of hurdles suddenly appeared.

It did not come as a surprise; I had read some testimony about this but truly I didn’t believe it could be a problem because paying into the account was so smooth.

Several new documents were required to prove that I was really I and not some robot or whatever!

After several attempts to satisfy the document machine, they finally accepted my identity.

Then I had to proof my deposits by papers from my bank!

At this stage I was getting angry and wrote a rather unpleasant letter to the document department and they advised me to live talk on the internet! I did not accept that and continued to send them replies to their polite e-mails where they blamed everything on regulations and computers.

Finally, the green light about paying me back what I was claiming came, but I was told it would take about 10 days to get to me.

I got furious.

10 days, on what planet did they live? I asked.

Another looooong e-mail with the explanation that everything should be checked and blab la blab la.

I explained that I transferred money between continents in few minutes.

I told them that when I was young, a long time ago, and the computers came first, everything was blamed on the computers. I told them that computers only did what people told them!

Another e-mail came from them, very polite, apologising for the inconvenience. I did not reply to that one and decided they were just poor people trying to follow the rules given to them abut how to talk to the customers.

Guess what; the next day I got a note from my bank, I had got the money from the invest company into my account.

10 days became just one.

I knew from the beginning of my investment adventure that it was high risk and I would most likely loose my money. That was a risk I took with open eyes and that was why I did not risk a lot of money.

What made me furious was the process when I clamed my money, what I had not lost, back.

I will never step into this business again and it was a great experience.

It took a lot of time to follow the market and my time is not unlimited. I also found it very boring to sit and look at some numbers and graph. I find it more exciting to read or write or simply just be doing nothing!

I see how the markets swing up and down, I see it on the news and that is enough for me.

When the company was trying to get me to invest, I told them I would not want to spend time in front of my computer or phone looking at the market and they told me they would have someone take care of everything for me. I believed them but the reality was different.

It was interesting while it lasted but never again.

At least I get some interest rates at my bank when I keep my money there!

What a life for those like the one who called me every day. All their lives, from morning until late night is about the markets going up and down and angry customers who did not realize they were taking high risks with just being a tiny part of the game.

Life is just an experience every minute. Some minutes are interesting and prosperous, others are boring and not worth the effort.

Live your life alive is my motto and that is what the investment adventure was.

See you again.

Hulda Björnsdottir.

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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