Think! Who pays for your healthcare if you don´t pay taxes in the country?

2nd of August 2021

Another day has arrived and here in my little village there has been rain during the night. The roads are wet and humidity is high.

19 degrees at the moment but up to 26 during the day and partly cloudy.

Yesterday I got a message from someone living in Algarve who wanted me to become a part of the Portuguese tax authorities and tell him about the taxes here!

A pathetic request!

He said he already had a residency and a health care number!

If he already had a residency why then ask about the taxes?

An old grey ugly man sees a beautiful woman on Facebook and decides to make the most pathetic pickup line ever!

I did not reply and I did not bother to block him.

I wanted to tell him to go back where he belongs and leave us here in my little land alone.

I did look up his profile on Facebook. A lot of half-naked pictures of himself posing in his new home, or whatever.

Even though I have been writing about the disgusting Icelandic people that come from Iceland to Portugal and don´t pay taxes here, it does not mean that I am going to be someone people can get advice from about how to do their tax reports. They should get an accountant. That is what I did 10 years ago.

I don´t want people here that use our system, both the health care and everything else and don´t make any contributions by their taxes. They get away with it but not with my help!

I love my little land and I am happy to pay my share through my taxes. I sometimes find them a bit high but thinking about all the service I get for my taxes I don´t complain.

You can not run a society without money and where should the money come from if not from those who live in the land?

There are always people who want to get everything for nothing.

There are always people who think they are the centre of the universe and everything should be easy for them.

Life is easy if you take part in it and people love you if you are nice to them and not using them.

I am ashamed of the Icelandic senior citizens who move to Portugal and get a crooked lawyer to help them to skip taxes and even import their fancy cars without paying what normal honest people do.

It makes me furious that the Icelandic tax authorities don´t stop this nonsense. They could but they don´t.

The seniors citizens living in Iceland have to pay full tax there and those living abroad should be under the same hat but some of them are not and they get away with it. That is what makes me furious and pissed off when I get messages from people who ask me to help them with the fraud, because in my eyes this is just fraud.

Anyway, the man did not get a reply from me.

I think about my fellow countrymen, my friends working at the hospitals, taking care of those unpaying people, and my friends can hardly live a proper live on their salaries taking car of those “rich” people.

The fact is that Icelandic pension is huge compared to the salary here in my little land. I was talking to a friend of mine some months ago and he is a junior doctor. He has to work 2 shifts to be able to take care of his family. His monthly salary is not as high as my low Icelandic pension.

I do make contributions to those in need when I can and I am happy about it. I don´t get pictures of me in the papers or on the social media. I don´t need that. I just need to help wherever I can and I do it gladly. Maybe that is why it makes me so furious about those tax cheaters.

This is it from me today. I hope you are happy in your life wherever you are in the world my reader.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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