30. November 2020

I was thinking about people who are alone during this horrible time.

Loneliness is a sad feeling. How many are having this feeling every day when they get up after perhaps a not so good nights rest?

We have to think outside the box. We need to keep the hope alive. If we loose hope we loose everything.

We know the situation and we know how to protect us and everyone else but the loneliness hampers and some of us can´t take it anymore and we go for a visit and we hug people and we kiss people, while at the same time we become the super spreading individuals.

The elderly miss their relatives.

The Christmas is around the corner and everything is different. The shops are trying to survive and we have Black Friday lasting a week. The ads are killing us. They are shouting, buy, buy, buy.

How are we going to buy when we don´t have work?

How are we even going to have food on the table when we don´t have work?

In my little land we are trying to survive. Many small companies have closed and will never open again.

We have to wear masks on the roads and in the companies and around people.

I don´t like the masks and this morning I put on a hat because it´s cold in my little land. Putting the mask on was different and more complicated because of the hat. I miss seeing my friends smiles and I miss being able to give them a hug when they need it and I need it too.

But, I try to be optimistic and I wake up in the morning telling myself that this is going to be a happy wonderful day. My mind-set is what makes me feel almost ok, not quite, but almost.

This morning I do have a problem which needs to be solved. I have called for help and the people that can help are trying. Will it be solved? I don´t know. But what I know is that some people I have never met and don´t know at all are trying to find a solution. I´m grateful.

So, this is just a thought for today, which I wanted to share. I don´t write much here these days. I am somehow a bit drained and struggling to make it through the day.

Yesterday someone connected with me on Instagram. I really don´t understand how they can find people to connect with. I decided to play along yesterday and just have fun for few minutes. It was interesting but I wondered how this poor creature was feeling and how lonely he must be. Why are men, and most likely women as well, so desperate that they try to convince them selves that they are the kings and queens that no one can reject? My thought is that it might be a desperate loneliness that drives them.

Anyway, let´s not take it too seriously if some idiots are trying to connect on the internet. Let´s just feel sorry for them and delete them or block them. That´s the best way. They will continue to pop up. There is always time when you are not being bothered but then they appear again.

True friends are the ones we keep. True friends are the ones who we turn to when we get lonely. True friends are real. We don´t have to want to be in a relationship. We just need to accept that we need people in our lives if we want to keep loneliness away.

I appreciate my freedom and I would not go into a relationship even if offered one. My freedom is everything to me. I can walk down the stairs into my car and drive away without asking anyone for permission. I can just go and enjoy the unknown, free as a bird.

My reader, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts this moment while I am waiting for a call where the caller tells me the problem from the morning is solved.

I may be here again tomorrow or I may not. My plan is for today and the unknown future is tomorrow.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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