Why are some people hiding behind fake accounts?

8th of November 2020

A new day and a new beginning in USA I hope.

The world can breathe now. The president is sulking and does not accept the results. When I saw the results yesterday, I cried. That’s what I do when I am happy. It was such a relief. I listened this afternoon to a conversation between Kamala Harris and Pres. Obama. It was pure joy. She is amazing and there is a woman who is confident and humble.

I really don´t understand why people can not be happy for Biden, and I don´t understand why they are talking about his age and predicting he won´t last long. He is healthy and fit and he is what the world needs now. He will be the healer and she will support him every step of the way. I am happy for them. I just want to remind everyone that age is just a number!

It´s raining in my little land and rather cold.

I have been trying to find out who the stalker is but no luck so far.

I wonder what makes people pretend being someone they are not. What is it that drives those persons? Is it lack of confidence? Is it simply being mean? Is it wanting to be famous instead of ordinary?

I just wonder.

Being comfortable in your own skin is what makes people happy.

Having to pretend to be someone else makes you pathetic and unhappy.

There are loads of fake accounts both on Facebook and Instagram. Perhaps more on Instagram. It’s a pity because many people do want to communicate through the internet.

I got a call on Skype and replied because the name was familiar and I thought it was a friend from China which I have not heard from for some time. After few minutes I realised the person I was communicating with was not my friend but someone I had never heard of.

There is a formula those fakes use.

I am a woman so most of the messages I get are from men who pretend to have lost their wives in an accident or from cancer. Normally they do have one or 2 children and they are looking for whatever!

Anyway, I told the Skype person that I knew he was fake and that he used the formula the fakes use.

He wanted to know what I was talking about and of course I did not explain and just blocked and reported the idiot.

During these horrible times we are living now many people are lonely and fall for the fake attempts.

I urge people to be careful and not reply to calls like I did, without being absolutely sure they are talking to the person they think they are talking to.

I also want to say that if you get a friend request on Instagram just look at how many posts the person has, how many followers, how many she or he do follow, what kind of people they are following.

On Facebook it’s the same. Look at their profile. If there is no information don’t accept the friendship. If you think they are fake report them and block. Tell Facebook why you are taking action. There is a way to stop this but if we don´t do anything we are helping the fakes.

I know I have been jumping from one matter to the next one without making sense. I’m just putting on paper what comes to my mind this moment.

Please, take care and stay safe. Try to use the masks and social distance. It is not comfy but it helps.

We will get over the pandemic late next year and go back to NORMAL again, I sincerely believe this.

In my little land there is a state of emergency until the last week of November. It is not as bad as in March but bad enough.

We are trying and we are hoping.

I bid you all good week ahead and perhaps I will sit down tomorrow and write something else. We never know.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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