Denmark, I want to visit!

29th of August 2020

I want to travel somewhere after the Covid and experience something new.

I was thinking of going perhaps to a place I have wanted to see for many years but now I have changed my thoughts.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we spoke about Denmark.

I have never been to Denmark but I have visited Norway. Denmark might be interesting. It takes about 4 hours by plane from Portugal to Copenhagen. It´s not too expensive and staying there for 3 weeks would be perfect.

Then I would have to decide if I travel during the summer or the winter. I would like to go during winter. I know it would be cold and I know it might be different from the hot summer days but that’s what I want to experience, the cold.

The year 2021 will be my saving year. After December 2020 my financial situation will be ok and plans to make are proper.

Dreams are to come true and late 2021 we should have a vaccine for the virus.

Having a plan is perfect.

Dreaming big is even more in line with my plan.

Of course I would really like to go to China and visit my dear friends there but that might be too far and too much for my health. I do settle for Denmark! At least for the time being, we never know what will happen in 2022!

The day here in my little land is beautiful. The clouds are sailing and changing all the time. When looking out there is always something different to see even if it is always from the same spot in front of my computer.

I love the blue colour and the white clouds. I also love the black during the night. Last night I woke up at half past 3 and looked out. The stars shining, the moon shining, the lights around the road shining but everything wrapped in black velvet.  It was amazing and peace and quiet even though the dogs barking.

It´s not normal for me to get up and out on my balcony in the middle of the night but this was perfect. Seeing the stars shining was something I have not seen for some time and the cold air was just fresh.

The autumn is arriving and I find that time of the year always beautiful. The colours, the dark evenings, the freshness and the cooler air are simply a perfect combination.

It looks like the first week of September is going to be rather hot, in fact extremely hot but the future is not clear yet. We often have a very hot October here in my little land so I don´t know what will be this year. Everything is changing.

Anyway, I hope your day will be fine.

Remember to dream, without dreams we are empty and bleak.

I send you hugs and kisses wherever you are in the world.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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