Good morning sunshine !

17th of August 2020

Another beautiful day with sunshine and clouds mixed.

The roads are a bit wet and the joy seeing that when looking out early in the morning is just something not possible to describe with words.

We need the rain here in my little land. We need it for the trees, for the animals and for the people. We need the rain for the freshness and the beauty when the colours become brighter and everything is different from the heat and sunny days are slowly retreating into the autumn.

There will be sunshine during the autumn and the winter but it is different from the summer sunshine. It is more soothing and it is like a soft touch on your chin from a loving soul.

Every day now and on we will see something new happening in my little land.

We will see the farmers looking after their grapes. We will also see the farmers soon putting up ads or banners where people are invited to help cutting the grapes from the trees and being part of the new vine making. It is a pure joy to follow the people and see their smiling faces when they think about the crops and their excitement when they taste the first vine of the year.

In the autumn, later, the olives picking begins. Usually in my memory it is very cold when I drive to Condeixa and pass the farmers and the whole family working hard to get every olive from the trees and for some there are soooooo many trees that they have to take care of. After the olives have been harvested the pruning and cutting of the trees takes over. There is always something happening around the road when I drive to my beautiful Condeixa.

This year I have not travelled a lot. I have been to Coimbra and Viera de Leiria and some places on the road there but not further north and not to Porto. I love Porto and like to visit but now I don´t give in to the temptation. I would like to go to some places in the south but that has also to wait. I am waiting for the NORMAL to arrive slowly into my little land.

I just wanted to say hello and good morning to you my reader and share with you some of my thoughts during this fresh morning.

I hope your day will be moving towards normal.

I hope you can enjoy the beauty around you, just as I enjoy the wonderful little guest that is at my balcony just now and has been since early morning.


She brings happiness and prosperity and she and her sisters and brothers are always welcome to my balcony.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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