Boa Noite ! The beauty of the snow !

  1. August 2020  Boa Noite118067122_1739571379528015_3412705611354476088_o (1)

Another evening has arrived and another story is here for you before you go to bed.

I remembered the wonderful exciting times when I spent a winter in Iceland and my mother was a cook in a boarding school. There was snow and there was rain. There was sunshine and there was cloudy, but always the excitement of a 12 year old was there.

The evenings during the winter and the sound of the steps walking through the white wonder on the ground was something you never forget. I loved it and took often long walks with my friends during the evening. Some of the friends lived close by and went home every day but others spent the time at the school.

There is something about the sound of the snow that sticks in my memory. There is something romantic about it and when you look up at the mountain you see the beauty embracing the rocks. Snow is amazing and it can also be horrible. Snow is not always the friend you think it is when you are 12 years old. Snow can be the worst enemy and it kills merciless those who don´t respect it and even those who do respect the danger.

During the school year there was also spring with all the beauty that follows the amazing season when everything is waking up after the winters rest, just like the bears.

I had a bicycle which I loved. It was red and it was big enough for me, and we took the day early for traveling to the river. I fell and broke my knee. I walked back to the school, dragging my bike with me and my mother scolded me. It hurt a lot and it took many days to bring me to the capital to a doctor and there I was told my knee was broken and I would have to stay in bed for many many many days! Horrible and my mother was NOT happy.

Anyway, this was my first broken bone but many have followed. Having osteoporosis is a struggle and a tricky situation if it is bad. Somehow I have managed and learned to live with the monster and being almost normal!

When I began to walk again and was able to visit the river, on foot, not by bike, I went there often and sitting in the sunshine watching the spiders make their beautiful webs was my favourite, as well as the sound of the river, soothing and exciting. Watching the fish jump high up in the air was another wonder I always remember and admire.  The gleaming of their bodies was like silver pearls and the sunny drops like a cloud with no beginning and no ending.

The nature is beautiful; it has shaped me and my soul since very young age. This year staying in the boarding school was an adventure and so much happened. We did not go there again, me and my mother, but the memories live.

12 years old I had dreams about better world and different life. I dreamt about staying in the same school year after year and not having to move all the time. I dreamt about having friends, the same friends year after year. I dreamt about having the same teacher next year and I loved my teachers, but next year came and another place with other people and other teachers, new friends and new adventures.

The fact was that being shaped like this, wandering like a homeless during my young life shaped my skill to adjust and accept. Quickly I adjust and quickly I make decisions. I am grateful for my mother’s effort and how much she had to sacrifice simply to help us survive. She always did her best. She always fought the battle until the last breath. She challenged the hurdles and she won. She is the reason I am where I am now, able to enjoy and love my life for what it is and dream about the next moment with optimism and happiness.

My mother rests in peace with so many of other people I have loved through my life but she is perhaps the one I admire most for her sacrifice and persistence.

Good night my reader and I hope love and light will embrace you this night and every night. Thank you for reading my thoughts for this evening, the thoughts I wanted to share with the live and the NOW.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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