“To let your dreams come true”

15th of August 2020

nine o’clock in the evening

The night is almost here and the story telling time is on

Many years ago I participated in a seminar called “To let the dreams come true”.

I met many people during this time that did not yet know what they wanted in life and they did not dream. They were in the same boxes they had always been in and there was not, or there was not in sight, any escape from the boxes.

After some weeks they had the boxes open ajar and they had found dreams lying around ready to be picked up. Dreams about different. Dreams about better. Dreams about adventure. Dreams about love and dreams about a brighter future outside the safe empty boxes.

Seeing people leave the building with smiles on their faces was fantastic. People who had been unhappy for a very long time suddenly came optimistic and saw the future in a shining bright light where everything was possible if patience and persistence was the guiding power.

I know there are many who don´t believe in dreams. I know there are many who have given up visualising brighter future.

I know there is despair and emptiness in many souls these days but I also know that the sun shines and behind every cloud there is a shining star.

I know there are many who read my words and think I am a stupid idiot who knows nothing. That is ok with me. But I also know that there are many out there who know the truth of my words. I hope we all will find our dreams. We won’t find them if we don´t look for them. Looking is the beginning. Finding is the second step. Visualising is the greatest part and the feeling is the food for our souls.

My dear friends who read this. Please look for your dreams, at least look. It may take some time to get on the road and it may take you to crossroads, but never loose sight of what might be your innermost wish and please never stop feeding it with love and care.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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