Practising what I preach !

15th of august 2020

Good morning.

Practise what you preach we sometimes say.

I preach about healthy lifestyle all the time and should show a good example.

This week I have been in my gym 5 times, I have taken a walk apart from the gym every day, 7 days. I eat healthy and I meditate and think positively about every moment, or at least I try.

Before I did write about the situation in Iceland, the poverty some are experiencing and how the government ignores that. I gave up writing about this some days ago because it takes too much time to follow everything that is happening and I believe there are other people who can do the work just as well as I and even better. It is also devastating to see how nothing changes in the rich country. It is devastating to see how the arrogance is in control and the little man is left behind.

I am grateful every day for my decision decades ago to leave the country I was born in and find a new home for me.

I get my pension from Iceland, I have paid my taxes there all my working life and my rights for pension are from there. This is why I do follow what is happening in the country; otherwise I would not care at all. I have left and never going back. It makes me furious to see my savings go down the drain every month because of corruption and greed in Iceland.

This month is the last one I can afford to have a personal trainer in my gym. I will miss it, it helps a lot to have him by my side every moment and have him telling me I can do what he wants me to accomplish.

Why don´t I then continue the work with my trainer? It’s because I can’t afford it until January next year. The currency of the Icelandic krona is on its way to hell, jumping every month and the value of my pension less and less.

But there are brighter times ahead. Next year my tax will be less because of the currency and in December this year I will have payed everything for this year.

It is a blessing not owing anything to anyone, especially on times like now.

I have food on the table; I can go to my gym every week and every month even though I have to skip my personal training just for 4 months.  My wonderful friends at the gym will help me and I have the self-control to do what I need to do.

Since I don´t fight any more for the poor in Iceland what am I doing? I don´t know. I might write a lot and I might even find something new to take up my time. I am on a crossroad and I have to admit that it was easy when I knew where to go and did not even have to think about it. Now I have to think again!

I could say, I wish everything was different!

I could say; I wish we did not have the Covid!

I could say; I wish NORMAL was again!

I could say so many things and just sit and wait for them or something to happen.

I can get up every morning with an optimistic mind and believe that happiness is mine this moment and every moment.

I can wake up and look at the clouds and the beauty in their dance and I can dance with them. That is what I do, today and every day.

I get sad when I hear about my friends around the world that get sick and have to fight the new virus. I feel helpless and afraid for their lives.

I have to hope for the best and accept the worst; there is no other way to survive.

I have a choice to make. I have to make up my mind what friends to keep in touch with and what people I want in my life. There are some that want to be part of mine but I don´t want them. Really, how is that possible?

I was asked to forgive someone that hurt me terrible 50 years ago. I never think about this person and why should I now, 50 years later try to forgive something that is not important enough for me to think about?

When we ask someone to forgive us we might contemplate and figure out if the person really bears grudges or simply does not care. I don´t care about this person, I was hurt decades ago but my life does not have to be occupied by the idiots who now have realised how bad their behaviour was.

I blocked the person from Skype and from every social media I know.  The beauty about the modern media is that we can control who can see what we write and publish on the internet, or at least we can control who is able to contact us.

Sometimes we forget that there is a generation here in my little land that can’t read or write. Sometimes we also forget that there is a generation that does not know how to use smartphones or internet.

In a modern world we tend to forget those people and they are left behind. In the Covid era this is obvious.

My thought for today is perhaps, let’s help the generation and not leave the people behind.

I am the wind, just try to keep up with me

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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