The pessimistic me ! Where did the hope go?

15th of July 2020

The currency of the Icelandic krona is jumping up and down, always.

Nothing new there but the situation today reminds me of the year 2008 when everything collapsed.

30th of January one Euro was 136,1 Icelandic krona

15th of July, today, one Euro is 160.53 Icelandic krona.

The value of my income every month has changed from 2.593,7 eur in January to 2.198,9 today.

The difference is 394,73 euro lover value of my income.

Everything has changed, I need to make new plans, I have to decide if I can afford to keep healthy and continue the good work with my personal trainer in my gym. That is the only luxury I am allowing me but when I contemplate about it, my health is that matters.

Luckily this is summer and we don´t need to spend a lot on gas or electricity to keep us warm.

How am I going to survive through the winter months this year is a big question.

I am lucky. I live in my own apartment and I don´t own money to anyone. That is a huge bonus in my life.

When I think about the Icelandic who have moved abroad, the ones that left their country to survive of their pension and be able to have food on their plates every day, I wonder how their lives will change now when their income takes a huge dive down.

Will they give up or will they continue fighting?

The Icelandic government is totally for the rich ones, the few, and those who are happy now with the currency are the few families that own almost everything in the country.

Sad but true.

Soon, maybe next year the population will vote for a new government. That could be an opportunity to change and get people more human than those who are in the government now. Will anything change? I am not hopeful. I am not optimistic that there will be change. Sadly that is my opinion but I do hope I am wrong.

Will the people rise up and demand justice for all?

I hope so, I sincerely pray and hope so.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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