Take control over your life !

24th of June 2020

Why am I writing here now?

I´m not quite sure. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you my reader.

Today is a grey day here in my little land, the fog or whatever it is, taking over and the sun struggling.

This morning I went to the gym and we had a good time.

I love my gym. We have fun and we work hard.

I believe that you can make your body strong, if you just make the effort.

Well, you might disagree and say that age does matter. If you are sertain age you can not go to the gym!


Age has nothing to do with how you take care of your body. If you take care of your body it is likely that you are also taking care of your soul.

Those who are over 50 might make excuses and not go to a gym and not eat too healthy and just float around like a boat in a heavy sea and the waves take over and control everything

You could also be responsible and do what is important for a healthy life.

Its always a choice.

The one that controls your life is YOU

In my gym during this time, the covid time, we take care of each other. Everything is clean and we are wearing masks. Here in my little land we are supposed to wear the masks when outside our homes in public places.

I don´t use the sanitiser I bring tissue, wet tissue with me and use it to clean my hands and the spots I touch, both before and after touching.

My personal trainer and the others are also wearing masks around me.

This morning I met a new member at the gym and we spoke. It´s easy to talk to the Portuguese. They are friendly and they make you feel welcome if you appreciate them and their country.

As you know I consider me being more Portuguese than anything else after living here more than 9 years and all my friends are Portuguese.

I do love my little land as I have said so many times before.

Everywhere I go I feel welcome and I am grateful for that.

Let me go back to the responsibility of taking care of myself and making sure my life is as good as possible.

Yesterday evening I did not meditate before going to bed.

Guess what!

I could not sleep, something was lacking.

At one oclock I got up and did my meditation routine and felt at peace. I went to bed again and slept like an angel until morning.

I need a routine to feel happy and content.

Yesterday night convinced me how good the mediation is for me and I experience the change every day. I am more confident, I am happier and I am in love with my life, even though the covid is hampering me being able to hug my friends and kiss.

I do believe that we will be back to normal and when that happens I want to be prepared and ready to enjoy my life fully again.

If the only good thing that comes out of the impossible situation for me, will be that I have learned to appreciate me and love me just as I am, and not letting the past disturb me, and believing that I am the only person that can make me truly happy, I will be grateful for the covid.

Strange to say, but this is the truth.

I am truly happy and every day is a new adventure for me.

Every day I learn something new about myself and every day I correct the errors I have made in my thinking.

Life is perfect as it is.

I have dreams and I know what I want in the future. I nourish the dreams and they become more real day by day.

If I don´t know what I want and if I always do the same, the same results will appear without effort. Will that make me happy?

I don´t think so.

Am I willing to make the effort?

Yes I am.

All is well.

The future is bright.

Make the most of your day my friends and remember that this moment is the only one you have total control over.

The past is over.

The future is unknown.

This is your moment.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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