My personal trainer believes in me! even when I don´t!

27 .June 2020

I´m dying
No you are not
Yes I am
No you are not
I can´t do it
Yes you can
No I can´t
Yes you can, I believe in you
I don´t look at the weight
He does not tell me how much
I look out and picture myself lifting the bloody weight
I concentrate
Come on you can do it
15 rep
only 5 left
2 more
one more
come on
you can do it
I do it
I have to please my personal trainer
He believes even though I doubt
My personal trainer!
Now I need a massage
My legs hurt
My arms hurt
My thighs are sore
Good work, my trainer tells me
You are supposed to feel the pain
No pain , no gain
I hate you
No you don´t
No I don´t
you are right
I don´t hate you
I am grateful for your support
Today is another day
Another training
Today I will move one step forward
I am getting stronger
60 kilos is a lot
I don´t look at the kilos
I just do what he tells me
Life is strange
and we laugh at the challenges
Don´t we?

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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