How has this time of Covi affected me?

3. may 2020

Good morning my reader

I´m thinking about this time we are living and how it has affected me. Has anything good come out of it for me?

Yesterday I took a very long walk, 2 hours or more and I met some people face to face. Everyone was smiling and asking if I was ok and if the heat was too much?

I thought about how I am counting these days how many people I see face to face and how many I can talk to in the real world. Imagine, I count the people and I remember their smiles and I wish I could give them a hug.

Yesterday I was half a kilometre away from home and I stopped to talk to a farmer and his wife. They are seniors and farmers. He was driving his tractor preparing the land for new plants and soon there will be veggies and some other things smiling from the soil. She was picking up the stones and throwing them outside. He told her to be careful because of me walking at the other side of their wall.

She and I talked. I told her where I had been and she was happy for me and gave me a wonderful smile. She asked if I had water, and I shoved her my bottle. They have beautiful chickens and when I admired them she told me they were good for eating!

Those two live close by and when I go to my balcony I see their house, although I have never spoken to them before.

What a wonderful surprise. Now I have got to know more people and next time I pass their house I can say hello.

Maybe one day in the future I will even be able to give them a hug!

I am grateful for my work in my self during these last weeks.

Now I know better who I am and most important of all I know what I deserve.

Love for oneself is not selfish.

Love and respect for oneself makes us more appreciating if we feel love from our friends and those who are close to us.

Yesterday I felt the caring and concern from those I met while walking. There are smiles everywhere now, you just have to notice them and give back your smile.

This is just my thought I wanted to share with you this morning,

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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