A tribute to my mother

3rd of May 2020

A tribute to my mother

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Today is a mother’s day and I remembering my mother with love and gratitude.

She gave me my life, she gave birth to me, she took care of me for 9 months while carrying me and I am grateful for that.

She was a great woman but we did not always see eye to eye and our paths split for many years.

One day though we united again and I was able to give her MY love her last 5 years. Her home became my second home and during the last 3 days on this earth I slept beside her bed. I was lucky. I could do for her what she could not do for me; I was able to love her unconditionally and forgive US for our disagreements.

My mother always did her best. Sometimes she would have been able to do more but life runs by and we cannot change the moments we have already spent.

My mother knew when I was in trouble, she could feel it. She had a gift and I inherited this gift from her. Sometimes it is a blessing but sometimes it is not, but it’s just how it is.

My mother was an artist, she did not become famous or acknowledged but she was a true artist.

All her life she was poor. She struggled and she survived with help of wonderful people, her brothers and sisters helped her. My brother and cousins gave her fish when they came ashore and they gave her money to help. Those wonderful men were the heroes of my life. They were the ones that brought us some relieve during difficult times during my childhood. I remember them all with love and affection.

My mother had me, the outcast. She lived next to my father’s house.  When I visited the place decades after we moved south I understood her situation and how it must have felt. I understood her pain and her bravery. I understood where she came from and I understood better the necessity to get away.

My mother was a hero. I am grateful for the live she gave me.  My mother told me, in a way, that she knew what happened to her child.  I feel for her and I feel her pain and her guilt for not being able to protect the little girl.

My greatest gift to my mother was when I could help convince her we all had forgiven her.

Today I pay a tribute to one of the heroes from last century. She did not get a price or recognition but she always did her best and she survived.

I love you my mother and now I know you are resting in peace with your family and friends in the best place you ever found.  Knowing that you are happy now and content makes my heart swell with pride and gratitude.

My dear mother, thank you for the live you gave me. Thank you for your caring and the sacrifices you made for your little girl, the outcast.

My dear mother, one day I will be able to hug you and tell you that I love you with all my heart.

My love for my mother is unconditional and pure. Had it not been for her I would not be on this earth and finding my inner peace today.

Good bye my dear mother, rest in eternal piece and dance and sing with those you love. That is your daughters wish on this day, this mother’s day the year 2020.

I have tears in my eyes. They are Tears of gratitude and love. Remember me my mother and wait for me so I can embrace you and thank you in person.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

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