I have put on ear rings and some make up – I am trying to look normal every day!

  1. April 2020

Good morning

A new day, a new beginning and more rain in my little land

Sunshine when I woke up and an hour later pouring rain like never before, or so to speak.

I´m still optimistic and have put on makeup and ear rings just to look beautiful and fresh.

A normal day in an abnormal situation has begun and now when I write this it is almost half past 12.

I have already sung the scales and now it is something more exciting. Singing in the rain is good. Loving the life without losing the perspective is also good.

Meditation is a must for me and every day something new and exciting pops up. I am flourishing and the happiness is there, I just have to look a bit closer to touch it with my mind.

Now I have made a folder in my computer which is called “The virus period” and there my thoughts during this time will go. Maybe one day I will publish what goes in here, maybe one day we will be back to almost normal and can look back and admire how strong we all became during this annoying time.

So, how are we going to survive?

Are we going to be the same when all this is over? I don´t think so. I can tell you that I will be more open for the hugs I am offered. I might also make some new friends and perhaps go more around and visit my friends. I think we might socialise more after this and appreciate each other more.

I was happy when I saw yesterday that my government is prolonging the national emergency until 2.of May.

Of course I would like to be able to move around and see my people and go shopping and to the gym and singing classes and just living my daily routine but I can wait. I will rather wait than be sorry.

Yesterday I noticed that the pharmacy here in Penela has made a whole in the window and now people are getting what they are buying through this instead of going inside. I think it is a good idea both for the customers and not least for the workers.

The cleaners walk around our roads and clean just like normal times. That is more or less the only normality here in my village these days.

The rain is boring but everything is fresh and the wind is less than last days. The weather can´t decide how to behave in this world where everything is going to change, even the weather will change, and is changing.

So this was my thought for today shared with you.

Take care wherever you are in the world, savour your dreams and dream big.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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