Stay strong and keep your dreams alive.

16th of April 2020

This evening I am in a romantic mood

Love is beautiful and clean.

Love does not belittle you

Love makes you more

Love makes you humble and grateful

Love makes me proud.

I have been listening to music I love and this afternoon has been peaceful and quiet.

Everything is quiet these days.

To make it through the day we have to figure out something new and exciting simply to survive.

Music makes that task easier for me.

It has been raining a lot here in Penela today and I did not go out for a walk. I miss my walk, can you imagine just walking makes my day?

The orchids are blooming and they make me happy every morning.

The neighbour opposite is waving and that makes me happy.

This morning I met some people while waiting for some office to open. We spoke and that made me happy even though we kept the distance.

It is strange how little things matter so much now.

The little things like just saying good morning mean the world to me those days.

A smile makes me happier now than it has ever done before.

The hugs are not there but the friendship and love is.

I miss the hugs.

I miss the kisses

I miss my friends

But, I am sure everything will be ok and we will survive.

Today the government in my little land decided “state of emergency” until 2nd of May.

I was happy about that, even though I have to life through the same situation longer. We have to be careful not to rush into normal. We have to be patient.

Patience is my strongest side.

I am looking forward to loving the future and enjoying the hugs and kisses..

Stay safe my reader.

Stay strong and keep your dreams alive.

Remember there is always someone that loves you somewhere in the world and you will feel it in the future, if not now.

Respect and love walk hand in hand and embrace each other.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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