The people taking care of everything at the hospitals are the heroes of the day.

3rd of April 2020

Today I wore a mask during 2 hours without taking it off. I went shopping and had to wear the mask.

Many did not have masks or gloves or any protection.

I went to supermarket and bought food for at least a month or even more.

What came as a surprise was seeing the staff not wearing masks or any protection. How come I and the customers need to protect us and not those who are serving us? Strange and I have no idea why.

But, during this time I thought about the doctors and nurses and all the people working in the hospitals. They have to wear this thing for hours and hours. I was suffering, just those 2 hours, I found it difficult to breath and it was uncomfortable in every way.

Let us think about the health service and those who work there during these very strange times.

Let us look at the pictures of their faces where there are marks after the masks.

Let us remember that these are the people we rely on every day, if we get sick they are there for us, always.

I am grateful for their work. I am grateful for the love they showed me when I had to spend some time at the hospitals here in Portugal. I appreciate each and everyone of them. DO YOU?

Let us remember the heroes and pray for them. They need our love and light more than ever these days when the world is upside down and we don´t know if they will survive.

Think about the doctors who say good bye to their families in the morning and don´t see them again for weeks and some of them never again because they loose their lives taking care of us.

Realise that the doctors and nurses are afraid, just as you and I are afraid.

Remember all the others that work at the hospitals. They are risking their lives every minute of these horrible times we are living through.

My heart goes out to the families of those brave people. How about yours heart, where is it these days?

Let us all unite in spreading the light and love around us wherever we are so the world will survive and we can go back to some kind of normal.

Let us obey the rules and regulations, with all the restrictions that we find annoying and in some cases stupid. Let us unite on saving everyone. These are difficult times and not being able to get a hug from my friends is killing me but I must obey, it is my duty to make an effort to participate in unity with everyone.  I feel the hugs in my mind and I remember how it is in real time. I hope I will be able to hug you soon and then we will celebrate the live and the love for the living.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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