Am I worthy of love? – the work continues


Just a thought shared with you once more

Maybe I have not shared this thought with you before but now I am on a road to recovery and sharing what comes to my mind.

Meditation is a tool to use when times are impossible and the world is upside down.

Meditation and cleaning the house, the head and the soul are worthy tasks of mine during these days.

Rejection is a common well known feeling in my life.

I fall in love and then I discover that my love is wasted.

Wasted on someone that does not deserve my attention, and for sure not my affection and even love. How can this be, how can this happen again and again to me which is such an intelligent person?

Is it possible that I don´t understand how great I am?

Is it possible that all the stories and lies have destroyed my inner worth because I believed those who hated me?

I am sure that is why. I am sure that when I find my innermost love and feelings for myself I will be able to accept my beauty and the happiness will arrive unconditionally into my soul.

Who I am is becoming a bit clearer every day now. What do I deserve is also appearing one day at a time. When there is nothing to disturb me and nothing to dilute my feelings for my discovery of me I become piece by piece glued together like before I arrived into this world.

Is it possible that my life has been a long lesson and now I have finally reached the spot where I will understand why what happened did happen?

I truly want to believe that. Those days I have shown strength and when someone has tried to step on my toes and belittle me I have been up to the fight and not given up and the feeling is perfect harmony with the self.

The world is at standstill but I am dancing around my being and figuring out who and what made me what I am, worthy of love and truly a wonderful friend to those who need me and love me like I am.

Why is this happening and why am I sharing this?

It´s happening because I have in store strength that not many have and I am sharing to let you know that everyone can survive and become whole even though broken.

It is my birth right to be happy.

It is my believe that I can be happy and content if I work towards the light inside me.

The light shines when I love me and the shadows disappear into the fog.

I am confident in myself and truly accept myself as I am. That is my victory today and not a small one.

I am grateful for the beautiful wishes and comfort I get from my Portuguese friends every day. Every day, morning and evening they send me some positive thought or guidance. Every day they support me with their love and trust in me. What more can I wish for?

I look forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day with new realisations. Tomorrow is a new adventure and a new shining star will appear behind the clouds and eventually the clouds will disappear from the sky and only the beauty and warmth will embrace everything, including me.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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