I hope my thoughts will help me to survive

  1. March 2020

A beautiful day is gone.

Another day where hugging people is forbidden

Yet another day where we think the world is upside down.

Will it ever end?

Will we be normal again?

Will the humanity change?

I don´t know

What I know is that my soul is mending and I am getting better every day.

Here in my little land there has been a wonderful weather those last days and that helps. I go out every day by my car to a place where there are no people.

I try to go life on Facebook and share with my friends the walk and the beauty in the environment.

Sometimes I feel the closeness to the universe and sometimes not.

Every day I meditate and try to get more confidence and serenity.

I miss hugging my friends and I see that more people have expressed that feeling.

We may have forgotten how healing hugging is but now we remember again.

I do write about my thoughts and worries and that helps. Getting it onto the paper is relieving.

I need to remember that I am my best friend and I also need to love me as my best buddy.

Loving me and respecting me is the key.

The happiness is inside me and if I can hold on to that the situation in a mad world will not crack me and times will change and be back to another normal soon.

Let’s spread the light and love around us and the horror will disappear sooner.

Let´s keep up hope and the shining star will arrive.

Let´s not allow others to bend us. Our opinion on us is what matters, not what others think.

This is me this evening telling you how I feel.

I send you love and light with hugs and kisses wherever you are in the world.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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