I am struggling to be optimistic but still managing – today was like being alone in the world, again

25th of march 2020

Good evening

Today I went outside and took a long walk around Ansiao.

I have to get out during these horrible times. I would be mad just to stay inside but I make sure I don´t mess with people and i visit places that no one goes to. It is difficult to accept the situation.

While I changing my bead cloths this afternoon I thought about how lonely life can be if you don´t connect with your friends.

I did take my gear with me when I went out today and did some strengthening exercise plus stretching and meditating.

Maybe the meditation will save me.

Every day it gets more annoying to be locked inside and not being able to talk to people and hug them.

This is me complaining about the situation.

This is me becoming a bit worried.

This is me trying to look at the bright sides but not quite managing this moment. I will be ok tomorrow after sleeping and the weather has been beautiful in my little land. Today there was sunshine and 18,5 degrees. Tomorrow will be 3 degrees colder but that is ok.

I hope you all are safe, who read this.

I am reading more these days and enjoying studying the difference between men and women.

It´s quite interesting when you think about it how men go into their silence while women talk through their problems.

Well, this is me for now and I will come back tomorrow with something more interesting and some pictures.

Have a good night and a better day tomorrow my readers.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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