I am terribly angry today

24th of March 2020

Today I am angry and disappointed.

Today I am saying what I think and I am not ashamed. I don´t care what people think about me, unfortunately I have worked my life in Iceland and therefore I get my pension from there.

The country you think is such a beauty, which is true in a way, but just when you look at the nature, the government, and how the people who don´t belong to the mafia are treated you see the disgusting horror.

The currency of the krona is disgusting and the nothing is done about it. The money are for the rich. The solutions are for the rich and the corruption is blooming.

The situation for those who are poor gets worse every day. People are starving. We think the virus is killing these days. In Iceland the government is killing people by their lack of understanding or lack of passion or lack of whatever.

I am angry and furious today.

This month my pension has gone down more than 200 Eur, per month,  because of the currency of the bloody krona. This should not be happening and this is not necessary. There is not lack of money in Iceland. No, there is plenty but its for the rich, for the few and not for us who made the country bloom with our effort and hard work.

Nowadays there is no respect for those who sacrificed everything for the generation that is in control now.

Iceland is disgusting corrupt country because of few. The prime minister tells the world how good and wonderful everything is and she smiles.

The prime minister does not tell the world that her best friend, the finance minister is one those who has got bailed out again and again and again, as well as his closest ones. Oh no, she does not tell the truth.

What makes me so angry is that even though there would be a different government the situation might be the same or similar. It is easy to shout when you are on the opposite side but when in the reality everything changes.

Sad but true and I hate this situation.

I don´t care if you think I should be nice and not complaining.

I am angry,

I am worried about my friends who belong to those who are suffering from the lack of compassion from those who are in power.

I will continue to shout my anger as long as I have got a voice.

Pretending is fine, but reality is the truth.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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